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PARCINQ Magazine Launches First Print Issue Starring SB19, BGYO, and ALAMAT

As the online entertainment portal that keeps you plugged into the best of Asian pop culture, PARCINQ Magazine now has even more to offer. Over the past couple of months, keeping you all in sync with the latest pop culture, entertainment, fashion, beauty, topical issues have been our sworn duty, and we are stepping it all up!

We are proud to introduce our first-ever print issue, "The P-pop Invasion: Collector's Edition," featuring three of the most prominent P-pop boy groups in the Philippines today: SB19, BGYO, and ALAMAT.


The past couple of months have been a whirlwind experience for us as we featured several P-pop groups that have been making waves in the music scene. So, as we take our journey further, we decided to do something really special that every P-pop fan will surely enjoy.

As our first printed issue, The P-pop Invasion: Collector's Edition will highlight three P-pop boy groups who have been making their mark on the international stage. Three groups that gave us all hope for the future of P-Pop.

This edition seeks not only to recognize but also to celebrate SB19, BGYO, and ALAMAT, three of the Philippines' most prominent boy groups, who have been paving the way for P-pop to rise. These groups are indeed an icon of this generation and quintessential representation of today's OPM — perfect for our maiden print issue.


The P-pop Invasion: Collector's Edition is a must-have for every P-pop fan. But why? What is in the magazine? Well, you can choose not only one but two different covers for each group, making that six magazine covers to look forward to!

A'TIN, ACEs, and Magiliws are indeed in for a treat because the print issue consists of 140 pages of EXCLUSIVE content from fashion, beauty editorials, interviews, cover stories from the boys. New material trickled out during our shoot with UNRELEASED photos of the group members. Think of it as an in-page P-pop party! After all, there's no better way to treasure photos than having a physical copy right in your hands.

With the release of this collector's edition, we're making the passionate dream of thousands of fans come true. It's the ultimate guide to memorabilia collecting, with pages full of premium quality photos and interviews with your favorite P-pop celebrities. These magazine copies are a precious piece that all P-pop fans will want as a part of their collection. And let's be honest — ​​these are the best mementos you can ever get!


PARCINQ's limited edition print issue is priced at Php 600 per copy. This special edition has limited copies, and pre-orders are now LIVE on our official store at For the first 300 people who placed their pre-orders, they'll get TWO random PARCINQ Trading Cards from the cover they choose. Not only that, if you buy both cover versions of your stan group, you'll also get an 8.5 x 11" poster on top of the four randomly selected trading cards. How exciting is that? 🤩

Make sure not to miss your chance to grab a copy!



Mar 13, 2022

How to buy


humble bhy
humble bhy
Mar 13, 2022

wanna ask if its only limited to 3 featured artist?

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