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#PARCINQBeauty: Glass Skin Beauty by PINO

Beauty trends come and go, but a classic accessory has always been beautiful skin. From using oils, clay, and serums in ancient Egyptian skincare to the creams, masks, and other products we use now, skincare and beauty have been a human fascination for as long as we can trace our origins.

PinobyWhenaPino is a clinic in Shang-ri La Plaza that offers holistic skin treatments designed to give you fresh and glowing skin. Founder Whena Pino is a semipermanent makeup artist with years of experience. Her Glass Skin Facial treatment lifts impurities, oxygenates, and primes the underlying tissue for nutrients to be infused into the skin.

For a more firm and supple appearance, Pino offers Exilift, a body and face procedure that gets rid of fat without surgery. Exilift is done with monopolar radiofrequency, which not only destroys fat cells and tightens the skin but also greatly speeds up collagen production.

And if an athletic and toned physique is what you’re looking for, they also offer MSculpt, a treatment that improves muscle tone and reduces body fat without the need for a restrictive diet or exercise. Electromagnetic energy is used to cause powerful muscle contractions that speed up metabolism and increase muscle fibers. This not only contributes to a healthier toned physique but also results in strength gains, all without the need for exercise.

PINO founder, Whena Pino

PinobyWhenaPino is located in MUD Studio Manila, at the Shang-ri La Plaza east wing lower ground floor. Feel free to visit their social media for more information. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM


Photography by Philip Vargas

Makeup by Chu Salud and Miss Nate

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