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#PARCINQBeauty: Joyful Clean Beauty with barenbliss

Every flower blooms at its own time. Camellias bloom in February, Daffodils in April, and Roses in June. For 24-year-old Lexi Gonzales, transitioning to another network was her blooming moment, and she has never wilted since then.

Budding Artist

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Lexi found her roots in 'It's Showtime" as a "GirlTrend" member and co-host in 2016. With fresh faces beside her, she seemed ready to blossom into her own as an artist. However, change is synonymous with Lexi as fate had other plans in store for her, akin to how she carved a path in entertainment instead of pursuing architecture or journalism.

“In change, there is learning, and in learning, there is growth. I would like to keep on changing and moving forward no matter where life takes me because with change, I know that I'm a step better than yesterday,” Lexi shared.

In 2019, Lexi entered a new chapter at GMA when she joined the reality competition show Starstruck. During this time, she displayed her artistic potential by tackling different challenges to unleash the best in her. By being herself—free, joyful, and genuine—while showcasing her skills throughout the show, Lexi won over netizens' hearts, earning the title of First Princess by the end. Thereafter, more doors of opportunity swung open for Lexi, and she has never felt more grateful and blissful.

A Hint of New Beginning

In the second stage of flower blooming, swelling occurs as the bud starts to reveal subtle hints of color. For Lexi, this color resembles the delicate pink of cherry blossoms.

Just as a cherry blossom signals the arrival of spring, Lexi's new beginning at GMA is blooming beautifully as expected. She has appeared in numerous shows and was even chosen to join the Philippine franchise of Running Man as a cast member, a remarkable feat for such a popular Korean variety show. 

“Cherry blossoms for me are a symbol of beauty that blooms after a period of challenges. It may be difficult now, but soon you will find the beauty in what you're working on right now,” Lexi expressed. 

Blessings after blessings are pouring in for Lexi as recently, she was also introduced as part of the next generation of artists at GMA Sparkle.

"I feel grateful and motivated to show everyone what I've got. I'm more than excited to bring life to different complex characters in films and shows, contributing to the growth of art and entertainment, especially in the Philippines.”

Indeed, cherry blossoms are a perfect metaphor for Lexi's journey and it's truly astonishing to see how far she has come.

Joy Clean Beauty

The pilot season of Running Man Philippines was filmed in South Korea, and coming back for leisure was a liberating experience for Lexi. Popping out a barenbliss Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm and Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint for that joy clean beauty and hydrating look is Lexi’s go-to routine, especially when she strolled around South Korea to enjoy the spring season.

“Joy Clean Beauty for me is guilt-free and pure joy self-care. It is feeling beautiful because of my inner purity and on the outside because of makeup that brings me joy. In fact, I can see my true self when I use barenbliss. Their stores and makeup reflect who I am as a person, which is why I love being part of this campaign; it just feels so natural to me."

Despite the long waiting times and a few spoiled plans, Lexi still brought home blissful and memorable moments from her gala, all thanks to the long-lasting coverage of barenbliss.

Life Off-Stage

Away from the spotlight, Lexi is just like any of us who has other priorities in life. Aside from collecting art pieces, Lexi is also a fur mom to Kayu. He is a shy yet smart Shih Tzu whom Lexi adopted because of his sensitive skin condition. Fearing that no one else would want to adopt Kayu, Lexi took matters into her own hands and did her best to provide for his needs.

"I value a brand that promotes cruelty-free products that are also organic and safe for the environment because as a fur parent myself, I would like a safe and cruelty-free world for me and my puppy," she candidly shared.

This not only reveals Lexi's love for animals but also showcases her empathy, as she even patronizes cruelty-free brands to ensure her fur baby's safety and protection. Now, if that is not enough to prove her love to Kayu and the animals around her, Lexi also aspired to be part of a movement that pushes the cosmetic world to be completely animal cruelty-free.

“I would like to start with promoting a cruelty-free brand like barenbliss and then furthermore join other significant activities that would save more animals from cruelty.”

As changes unfolded in her life, Lexi’s decisions also grew wiser as she moved forward. Not only that, she has grown into a matured artist with eight years of experience under her belt. Now, she fully understood the intricacies of showbiz, particularly in handling criticisms.

“At the beginning of my career, I would often get affected by all the comments and criticisms people threw at me. But today, having matured and gained more understanding, I simply choose to consider those that are sincerely meant to help me improve, and disregard those that are just intended to spread hatred,” she confessed.

These criticisms have truly helped Lexi reach where she is today. And if there's one thing she's learned from her journey, it’s to stay humble and have an open mind: “I believe this mindset has opened a lot of opportunities for me because God has also been with me through it all."

Lexi’s journey to stardom was no cakewalk, yet she transformed each hurdle into a defining moment. Today, she blossoms and wants to be remembered as simply Lexi—versatile and ready to share the joy of embracing growth with boundless bliss.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Styling by James Bradlee

Makeup by Dave Quiambao

Hair by Mark Rosales

Editorial Assistance by Randel Hernandez and Jhon Prats Reyes

Words and Interview by Kryzzle Cailing

Produced in Partnership with barenbliss

Campaign Direction by Edna Chan with Ink FU

Creative Direction by Matthew Salud with Creative Associates Louie Kwong and Monica Depalubos



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