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#PARCINQBeauty: Phuang Malai by Lars Cabanacan

Attract the odds and glow like good news! For July's #PARCINQBeauty, makeup artist Lars Cabanacan keeps everyone's luck rolling through a symbolic and memorable glam look. Reimagining Thailand's 'Phuang Malai,' Lars puts a creative spin on his interpretation of celebrating the little wins and big victories in life with the help of model Kenan. Captured through the lens of fashion photographer Rxandy Capinpin, this beauty editorial reverts a story of life worth celebrating.

Today marks a significant milestone,

For a quest, you journeyed alone.

To the mountains high and below,

Hoping not to welcome sorrow.

Gone are the doubts and anxieties,

No more uncertainty and self-pities.

Exerting every section of your muscle,

In the endless sweat and hustle.

For that creature you long dear,

Success is what you gain, not fear.

A wreath in your neck to adorn,

Congrats, keep chasing the unicorn.


Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Words by Kryzzle Cailing

Hair and Makeup by Lars Cabanacan

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Featuring Model Kenan Ramondou of AKIZ MANAGEMENT

Shot on location at Studio VJ, Bangkok, Thailand



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