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#PARCINQBeauty: STICKWITU by Kim Roy Opog

Inspired by teenage dreams and memories, makeup artist Kim Roy Opog created a playful and dreamy look in the latest PARCINQ Beauty editorial, 'STICKWITU.' Full of bright colors, stickers, and fun details, this editorial will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Finding that middle line of what "teens" means is definitely his goal for the vibe of this editorial.

"People from all ages can relate to or at least can see a little part of themselves — they might rekindle their youth or have that memory of what youth feels like," says Kim.

When asked about his creative use of the stickers for the concept, he mentioned how stickers serve as a reminder of the nostalgic feeling of how our childhood can be carefree and filled with joy — a fun memory that can reminisce innocence and growth.

"Sticker has always been around growing up, and it's definitely one of the few things most people care about during their adolescent years (speaking from experience). And who can blame teens from generation to generation for patronizing stickers? They are cute, easy to work with, and can be put aside when the teacher calls for it (fun if one can pull it off without being caught ).

Besides playing with the stickers, Kim shared the makeup products used on his dreamlike model, Harvey. For the skincare, he applied the La Mer toner, La Mer moisturizer, and a spritz of Caudalie Hydrating mist for a boosted glow. Then to prime the skin, he used a Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer and completed it with Nars soft matte cream foundation. Added a tad bit of concealer of the backstage line from Dior. For the brows, brow pen, and brow gel, from Strokes. For the lip and eye makeup on the latter look, he used products from Chu Chu Beauty. Lastly, set the look with a little bit of the loose powder from Laura Mercier and finish it with a mist.

If you're feeling creative and want to do a quick DIY photoshoot, then this is the perfect concept for you. It's easy and fun, and all you need is a little imagination. Don’t forget to grab some stickers to complete the look!

LOOK 1: The Boy Next Door

For a natural look, choose something natural shade on the eyes and lips and top it off with some cute letter stickers.

LOOK 2: The E-boy

Get wild by adding some cute Y2k-inspired stickers, you can even put up some jewels for some extra spice.

LOOK 3: The Fanboy

I mean, you might want to flex your photo cards too!

LOOK 4: The Dream boy

Be playful with the backdrop, don't settle for some plain white wall. Set up some cute wall decor or even a magazine and posters of your favorite group. Better make use of it right?

LOOK 5: The Boy In Luv

This is definitely a photocard-worthy pic – Harvey noot noot pc mine! PAYO!


Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Makeup by Kim Roy Opog

Words by Maryanne Roldan

Cover Layout by Jamie Dimapilis

Stickers from Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Musing by Nico Harvey Castro



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