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#PARCINQBeauty: Urban Pastels

Indisputably, a good hairstyle possesses the power to work wonders for your image, and this latest #PARCINQbeauty editorial undeniably substantiates this claim. In this showcase of sartorial finesse, our esteemed Grooming Consultant and hair virtuoso, Mycke Arcano, demonstrated his artistry by giving his two male muses, Dennis and Jared, a Coachella-inspired look infused with a hint of Hawaiian Eve vibe, drawing inspiration from J-pop beauty trends. Witness their incredible transformation and get inspired for your next hairstyle event.

Photography by Miggy Brono

Styling by Dave Arden of Ardenstyle Ph

Grooming and Hair by Mycke Arcano

Assisted by Jam Jacobe

Shot in Ad Astra Studio, QC

Models Dennis Gascon and Jared Payumo



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