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#ParcinqFashion: Imaginarium Featuring Maloi of BINI

There’s an ineffable feeling in art. It can either bring butterflies or make our tummies churn. It can make us feel complete or leave us with nothing at all. It has the power to make us lose ourselves while simultaneously making us more visible. 

It’s complicated but at the same time, comforting. And for this month’s #ParcinqFashion, our very own “nation’s girlfriend,” BINI’s Maloi, gracefully nods to the intricate relationship between her artistic pursuits and self-discovery, all while exuding style. 

Beyond her role as a P-Pop idol breaking records, Maloi finds solace in her artistic expression. Growing up and inspired by her mother’s ability to transform something “useless” into something “functional,” Maloi consistently unravels and learns more about herself, exploring the depths of her identity and aspirations along the way. 

“Art gave me another world to be free,” the main vocalist reflects. “With art, I can express my thoughts, sentiments, and all of my emotions; happiness, sorrow, rage, excitement, and all, without being judged and watched.”

In this sanctuary of creativity, the “Salamin, Salamin” singer discovers the freedom to authentically express herself, with her Instagram and her drawing notebook becoming safe spaces where she rightfully shares her “playful, uncanny, and imaginative” artworks.

“My twin in art form, those are my ineffable thoughts and emotions that I can never really share with anyone but only to myself,” she quips.

Whether it be as a performer, styling herself with cute ribbons, or creating line arts and canvases with her beloved tablet, Maloi effortlessly weaves her creative spirit into every aspect of her life, leaving a trail of inspiration for every “Bloom” wherever she goes.

Through her artistic lens, she sees the beauty in chaos and embraces life’s mundane things, all while finding joy in every moment, as she declares, “There is life. Always. Look for it because life is not life without you.”


Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Associate Photography Royd Loyola

Graphics by Ricardow

Makeup by Julius Cabanisas

Hair by Cristine Benoman

Styling by Ica Villanueva

Styling Associate Francis Torres

Fashion film by Jaydee Alberto

Behind-the-scenes Photography by Dani Pojas and Irah Umlas

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1 Comment

Mar 31

yaaaassssssssssss life is not life without u!!!

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