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#ParcinqFashion: INCUNABULA by Cherry Veric

Untouched by societal constructs, primal beauty resides in the untarnished essence of nature, the human form, and everyday moments. In the latest #ParcinqFashion, Cherry Veric’s collection draws inspiration from this authenticity, exploring grace in the beauty of all that blossoms, moves, and radiates—embodied perfectly by her muse, G22 Jaz.

With over a decade in the fashion industry, the artistic journey of one of the country’s sought-after fashion designers, punctuated by collaborations with beauty queens like Megan Young, Pia Wurtzbach, and Catriona Gray among others, has imbued each of his creations with a distinctive perspective. 

The tapestry of his experiences not only showcases his craftsmanship but also reveals an understanding of the diverse and evolving facets of beauty, something he masterfully captures time and again.

The multifaceted self-made designer and global dreamer believes that the perennial quest for something new in fashion often overshadows a fundamental truth: good design is a blend of vision and execution. Beyond fleeting trends, enduring fashion lies in the timeless synergy of creativity and precision—and he is manifesting that as he enters 2024 with set goals and a living legacy of what Cherry Veric trademark truly is. 

Designer Cherry Veric


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Makeup by Janica Cleto

Hair by Sean Nadera

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Musing by Jasmine Henry of G22

Featuring design pieces by Cherry Veric



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