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#PARCINQFashion: Suit Up by Raymond Cauilan

Sometimes when you're a creative person with a camera, you find inspiration anywhere and everything becomes a potential muse. So, when you have three available models and an empty backyard at an ancestral house in New Manila, anything can happen.

Fashion photographer Raymond Cauilan and models Vince Maristela, Vince Marcelo, and Valentino Jaafar recently had a spontaneous editorial shoot, and the results can be described as nothing short of pure art!

Mr. Perfectly Fine

Featuring casually elegant suits, sleek plaid trousers, and thick knit turtle necks, Vince, Vince, and Valentino from Mercator Talent Agency posed for passionate imagery with relaxed confidence as they modeled in their well-pressed suits. "Working with them was a breeze," Raymond Cauilan said. "They are very patient, very easy, and I had fun working with them."

Sleek is classic

Bucking trends for timeless pieces in a contemporary style, designers Naomi Ng and Jowie Namayan, who designed the garments used in the shoot, highlights the class in tailored overcoats, slim suiting, cozy knitwear, and more for an impressive outing.

Summer coat

For the most part of the shoot, the models were dressed in different sleek coats in simple but visually appealing portraits that focus on bold earth tones, like brown, black, and grey. It also featured sharp, slim, tailored suits consisting of pink, orange, and even gold. There's also a nod to spring and autumn with the inclusion of metallic and pastel suits. Browse through the collection below and start planning your summer look.

Photography by Raymond Cauilan

Styling by Edrick Paz and Yannie Tui

Grooming by Lionel Fabros

Featuring Fashion by Naomi Ng and Jowie Namayan

Models Vince Maristela, Vince Marcelo, and Valentino Jaafar

Agency Empire / Mercator Talent Agency

Special Thanks to Miki Miclat



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