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#PARCINQFashion: Wonder Girls featuring Farah Models

Empowering models and celebrating diversity in the fashion industry, FARAH MODELS is proud to have completed five years in business. The past few years have been fruitful, providing opportunities for many talented young models. As the world changes, so too does the need for representation of all types of people within the fashion industry. FARAH MODELS embodies this need by embracing diversity and creating opportunities for the new generation of young talents.

As a successful former model, Farah Ramos started FARAH MODELS with the vision of providing an inclusive, positive space for models to grow in their careers. She uses her expertise and offers top-notch training for new models. With an emphasis on women empowerment and inclusivity, FARAH MODELS provides opportunities for qualified models to grow in their careers while also offering a safe space to explore their creativity.

In this latest #PARCINQFashion editorial for #TheFreshTalentsIssue, we feature four 'wonder girls' from the FARAH MODELS. These women represent strength, empowerment, and confidence. As FARAH MODELS celebrates its 5th year in the industry, Angelina, Renee, Su Jin, and Jane show us that today's generation of women is unapologetically strong and powerful.


Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Makeup by Lars Cabanacan

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Words by Joe Andy

Featuring Models Angelina, Renee, Su Jin, and Jane of FARAH MODELS.



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