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#PARCINQFresh Featuring AJAA

Whether you’re enduring an exhausting day or just simply wanting to elevate an already fantastic morning, the answer lies in the lively beats of your favorite songs. One way to go? P-pop!

However, hard-hitting tracks and boy-crush concepts mostly reign supreme. But fear not, a new boy group in town has stepped out from a world of sweetness and candy, that’s sure to embrace you with warm hugs and comforting smiles.

Say hello to AJAA, the quartet who steps onto the music scene like a breath of fresh air. With a daily dose of charm, their youthful energy sets them apart from the trends where everyone often takes on a fierce persona, making them a game changer and a trailblazer for the new generation of P-pop idols.

Sweet like Hany

Each member oozes a refreshing aura that’s bound to make you smile. Whether it’s Ash’s leadership qualities, JC’s mesmerizing dance moves, Axl’s heart-melting voice, or Alex’s smooth rapping skills, AJAA is a bundle of sunshine, ready to dispel shadows and brighten your day.

As for the boys of AJAA, they aspire to become a sweet love letter to their fans and casual listeners, helping them to “reminisce their childhood” or perhaps, healing their inner child by “producing happy, youthful, and colorful songs.”

Their shared journey is a testament to their dream of crafting a soundtrack brimming with candy-coated joy. With unwavering passion and dedication at such a young age, they sprinkle happiness into every note and every move in their bubblegum pop music.

Our goal is to really inspire people in pursuing their dreams, to make them happy through our music and performances, to be widely known locally and internationally,” they shared.

The new kids on the block have embarked on a journey towards building this dream, and they’re taking it first by infusing their creative freedom into their music. JC, Ash, and Axl were involved in writing the lyrics for “Cuppy Cake,” an example of the belief in the power of artistic expression to create something truly personal and authentic.

“They [management] really want us to be part of the creative process and not just to implement things for us,” the singer-songwriters expressed. “It’s a responsibility for us, but we are thankful that at such a young age, we can really show our artistry in our own music.”

Everyday, seize the day

As AJAA navigates their way into the industry, the new generation of P-pop are not just idols; they’re storytellers, with their music a wonderful celebration of the candy-like songs they aim to bring to the world.

Since their debut on September 7, the boys have been busy with their schedules packed to the brim. In addition, their TikTok videos have gained significant buzz, solidifying their charismatic presence as both talented rookies and social media sensations.

“We remembered the day of our media launch when we saw all the people who supported us at the event. All our fears and worries fade away, so now we are all just excited to perform anytime and anywhere,” they remarked with gratitude.

As they ride the P-pop wave, the group is delighted to finally be part of an industry they have long been fans of. “We are so overwhelmed with the response of the people to our songs, since before, we were just happy covering the choreos of other artists and idols, but now we have our own songs to promote.”

From being fans and content creators to finally debuting as idols, AJAA has shown a relentless drive to work their way up from the bottom. This has found a warm reception among fans as the members continue to put them under their spell and make their own mark in the industry they’ve always cherished.

AJAAn na sila, and they’re all set to make each day like the best day ever. With AJAA on the rise, they are a reminder that talent, charm, and personality can coexist, and the sweetest cupcake of victory is yet to come for Ash, JC, Axl, and Alex.

PARCINQ exclusively asked the boys more tailored questions to get to know them more.

Q. How do you think your experiences prior to your debut, such as having your Toothpastes, played a role in shaping your career?

Ash: “Having my fandom, Toothpastes, by my side since then, made me realize that I truly love doing what I wanted to pursue. I didn't initially have much confidence in posting dance-related content, but when I noticed their love for watching me dance, I continued sharing dance videos (laughs). Their motivation kept me going while I was on the survival show and even after I left. They believed in me and my potential and that I'm gonna make it, until I did. And they’re still here, supporting me with my co-members, growing, no matter how active or inactive they are now with my recent projects as a P-pop idol, I'm still grateful for having them throughout my career.”

Q. As the main dancer of AJAA, you clearly have a passion for K-pop dances. Can you share how they have influenced your own dancing style and performances within the group?

JC: “Before joining AJAA, I was also a fan of K-pop during my high school days. My adoration for them prompted me to start learning all their dances, and I didn’t anticipate that mastering numerous K-pop dances would set me apart from others. Now that I have my own group, I give my best performance, just like my role models, and I use everything I’ve learned to share with my fellow members. Some people in my high school found it peculiar that I danced to K-pop, especially since the language was different for them. However, I firmly believe that, ‘if you think you're different from them, just know that someone will admire you from afar.’”

Q. Your infectious smile and charm are part of what makes the group so endearing. Do you have any special message for your fans who appreciate your bright and positive presence?

Axl: “Since our group concept always includes positivity and brightness, we make sure to embody that brightness as well. One of our goals is to make people feel joyful through our music; being said that, I encourage everyone to smile and spread positivity. Smiling and being positive can help us feel mellifluous—something our world needs to prosper.”

Q. Being both an actor and an idol is a unique combination of talents. Do you see any ways these two creative aspects complement each other in your career with AJAA?

Alex: “Acting and being an idol both compliment on what we are doing and my experience in acting helps me a lot in conveying the character that our song wants to portray and with that, I can give the expressions for all our lyrics naturally and be more confident.”

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction and Video by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling by Ryebread Makeup by Joey Mercado and Brianna Javelona of MUD Studio Manila

Special thanks to Georginna Desuasido, Cornerstone Entertainment, and UMG Philippines

Shot on location at Sonatta’s Love Letter Longue, Promenade Mall Greenhills



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