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#PARCINQFRESH Featuring Anthony Barion

Anthony Barion is a celeb who's breaking the mold — and he's not even trying. The TikTok celebrity and host extraordinaire (seriously, check out his channel if you haven't already) has raised the bar for TikTok users everywhere. A natural on-screen talent with over 100k followers on the video-sharing app and an active celebrity host, Anthony is taking the narrative of the industry of his own accord.

It's that time of year again when love is in the air! To get you in the mood, we've put together some looks for Anthony on how you'd want him to show up on your romantic Valentine's day date. These looks are sure to make hearts race, so please be ready!

Scroll down to see the looks

Love is in the air

Sporty, cute, and charming: Valentine's Day just got exciting, or at least your impending night out. Hey Anthony, where are we going?

Falling in love with the cool boy

Like no other, we are always in awe when dating a cool boy, especially when his outfit screams fashion! Anthony is killing the cool boy look with his own unique style.

Hello there, my Valentine!

On V-day, everyone knows that one of the key points on dating is presentation. That’s why it’s so easy to fall in love with Anthony, who manages to mix both hot-red and suave at the same time.

Romantic dinner, shall we?

A romantic dinner is always a coveted date on Valentine's Day. And who better to take us to one than Anthony in his dashing outfit?

Movie date, anyone?

Anthony's got you covered for a dream movie date this Valentine's Day. His laidback and cool aura will make your night extra special and unforgettable.


Photography by Philip Vargas

Styling by Joshua Galang and Mack Bersalona of Team Mesmyrrhized by Myrrh Lao To

Grooming and Hair By Mycke Arcano using Issy and Co and Gatsby Thailand

Words by LA Bendaña

Shot in Beyond Concept Studios

Special thanks to ATeam Ph and Raj Pleno



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