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#PARCINQFresh Featuring Ash, Axl, and Alex

You might think, what does it take to be an idol?

It's a breeze to say that one can be at par with the skills of your favorite pop idols. But not everyone stands out in a crowded hallway and radiates in the darkest alley. You either have it, or you don't.

Building an idol group takes a lot of resources, but Parcinq got some things already covered! Not to worry about finding fresh talents because we're very much eager to pitch Ash Rivera, Axl Cabiltes, and Alex Noel as the future of new generation idols who can add an extra flair to what's current.


Out of the embers, he will rise. Fresh from his exhilarating stint in P-Pop survival show Top Class, Ash refused to just easily burn down as he is still in full gear to finish what he started.

Dubbed as the "Shy Guy of Baguio," this 18-year-old charmer has finally blown the ashes of his uncertainties. He realized that he actually doesn't have a boring personality, and his charm comes out naturally. And Toothpastes, his growing fandom would definitely give a nod to that!

As someone who has had solid dancing prowess for days, he said that the adrenaline he gets from busting a move makes him genuinely happy – "I enjoy it so much to the point where I don't even feel tired; I could dance all day!" he expressed.

One day, we might see him stealing the spotlight as the main dancer or even the center of the group. Focus on him as he already had his heart set on dancing, the biggest choreography of his life.

If you were to be part of an idol group, what position would you consider yourself into?

"If I were to be part of an idol group, I would consider myself as one of the dance line or visual line, possibly a center as well."


If there's one who could light up a gloomy day to its full brightness, it's Axl. He's a little ball of sunshine with an infectious, warm smile that could dispel shadows.

As his Tiktok following grows exponentially with over 28 million likes, he believes that being an idol means being inspirational by showcasing their authentic selves in what they are doing. It's not something far-fetched for this Lee Do-hyun look-a-like as he's already doing this on the platform.

"What I like the most about creating content on Tiktok is I can be who I am, and I can explore things that I can actually do," he shared.

He sings as well, so we now have a potential lead vocalist! Going for an upward trajectory, this 16-year-old cutie wants us to be with him in his stardom journey.

If you were to be part of an idol group, what position would you consider yourself into?

"If I'm gonna be part of an idol group, I would consider myself as one of the lead vocalists and dancers."


At such a young age, Alex has been playing in a different playground – not the same with most of the kids his age, but something that is grand and glamorous. This 13-year-old actor and TV commercial model appears in one of the famous fast-food chain commercials, which he tags as a memorable work for him. He even had an acting project with Joshua Garcia!

Alex considers Jungwon of ENHYPEN as his idol whose career he would love to emulate – "Jungwon's talent and passion [for his craft] really inspire me to improve more on my dancing and singing skills." And that's something he has been working on for himself as he hitched his wagon to a star.

That's our maknae! Who knows, we might see another idol-actor in the making, and we can't wait to witness how great of an Alexander he'll become.

If you were to be part of an idol group, what position would you consider yourself into?

"As a main dancer and a lead rapper."

What does it take to be an idol? Well, just look at Ash, Axl, and Alex, who have different knacks to offer in the industry, and you'll find your answer.


Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Photography by Philip Vargas

Styling by Mark Ranque

Associate Stylist: Carl Angelo Cahutay

Makeup by Janica Cleto

Hair by Lyndon Hae

Shot at Studio LAJ

Featuring Ash, Axl, and Alex represented by RanQ Entertainment



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