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#PARCINQFresh featuring Augustine

Eyes up here K-pop stans, isn't our latest #PARCINQFresh cover boy a little bit familiar? ​​You probably saw him trending on your timeline, amirite? If you're missing out, let me introduce you to this new heartstopper.

Meet Hyeonyul Kim or Augustine (his English name), the viral concert translator who is making rounds in our social media for his idol-like visuals and sweet charisma. After his candid photos took the internet by storm, K-pop fans from different fandoms were charmed and were curious to know more about him.

K-pop fans were not just fused to appreciate his look but also his dedication to his job. It hasn't been a year since Hyeonyul started translating in concerts, but he has already snatched gigs from various well-known Korean artists and groups such as AOMG, Stray Kids, Running Man, Enhypen, NCT Dream, and Red Velvet.

We are so used to seeing him working behind the scenes, but did you know that he's a Mechanical Engineering student at De La Salle University Manila who also does modeling and stage performing? He's giving us a whole package right there!

This 23-year-old aspiring singer also enjoys doing vlogs to reminisce about his fondest memories in the Philippines. So check out his Youtube Channel (@yulmuchacha), where he shares a glimpse of his life as a student, and some song covers too. Warning: get ready to be swooned!

When he first traveled alone to the Philippines back in 2015, he had no idea it would change his life. He was just looking for an opportunity to study English, but he ended up finding so much more than that.

From his strong appeal and flower-boy personality, we really can't get enough of him – so let's cut to the chase and get to know him more.

PARCINQ sat down with our new 'bias' for an exclusive interview to talk about living in the Philippines, his unforgettable memory as a concert translator, and his modeling career.

Q. When did you start your career in the Philippines? What is your daily routine?

When I came here, I was here to learn English. Before, I didnt know how to speak English fluently, but I can say I'm fluent now. Since I have academics here, I have classes, and when I go back home, I review and sometimes work out to improve my physique qualities.

Q. How did you get into modeling?

The first time before, when I was in Korea, I didn't have any chance, but I wanted to try it before. Then, I got a chance here in the Philippines with Bench. That's why I tried to audition. It's just last month [March] when I had my first model experience.

Q. Aside from modeling, what else do you do when you are not studying?

I was a part of a singing group at my college. I really still love to sing. Before, my dream was to become a musical actor, but actually, I tried it in Korea. But then I realized to focus on my studies and found a way to be a model here. That's why I also try to be in that field besides studying. Aside from that, I also do translating.

Q. Can you tell us more about your translator job? How did you get into it? Tell us about your first time doing this job.

I was in Korea for military service, and I just came back last December. My friend introduced me to the job, and I tried to get an interview. My first experience in this job was with AOMG, which is a HipHop and R&B group in Korea. They are also my favorite artists, so I tried to do my best for my first experience.

I realized it was such a good experience [being a translator] how they communicate with the local production team and Korean production team. And it is really important not to make a mistake in their conversations. My task was just delivering their task, and I'm just between them.

Q. As a kid, did you see yourself pursuing your current career path? Was modeling ever part of your childhood dreams?

When I was a kid, my prior dream was to be a musical actor because I loved to perform and sing in front of many people. But I realized there are a lot of people who can sing well. I used to love singing but I'm not really good at it.

Q. Few years from now, you'll become an engineer soon. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

When I was in high school, I was looking for a course that I wanted for college. I was really serious about choosing a course, but when I entered college, I realized you don't really need to hurry about choosing a course.

It's gonna be really good if you choose the right course that you really want before entering, but you will experience a lot of things aside from that. You will realize your favorite field and also a good opportunity that's gonna help you choose another path or way of going to your future.

I hope you can just enjoy your life in college, learning and taking time and bonding with a lot of people and making friends and having a good relationship with them.

Q. Can you recall your proudest moment?

Since it was my first time [modeling for Bench], I thought I would be nervous when I started walking, but actually, I just enjoyed walking.

I also had time to think of what to do in front of the propeller. They didn't tell me about it. It was too plain. I thought I should try something really funny or something to attract people, so I tried to spin the ball. I really enjoyed being chill while walking.

Q. As a translator, what are some of the most unforgettable moments in your life that you've experienced while working on translations?

My first memorable moment was meeting the AOMG members because that was my first job experience as a translator. The second one, the most memorable was being the translator for the ENHYPEN concert, and then I didn't expect that someone would take a picture of me and then upload it on Twitter. My friend reached me about it, and I was shocked at first, like "Oh my god, was my account got hacked?" because my followers have increased so fast. And then I realized my picture was posted. A lot of people liked me, and they appreciated my work, so I'm thankful to them. After that, a lot of people took photos of me, and I just enjoyed it.

Q. Why is your English name Augustine?

Because I'm Catholic, my baptismal name means St. Augustine. So I was thinking about what I could use for my English name, so I chose Augustine here. My friends call me Augustine or Hyeon, or Yul. There are so many names I got (laughs).

Q. What's Yeul's dream for the future?

I would like to graduate from college; that's my first priority. I want to get good grades as a good student. Also, since I started to have an opportunity as a model, I also want to try a different field of modeling here in the Philippines. If I can go abroad, I also want to try. I also want to have a good relationship here again.

Fast Talk:

Love language? - Giving gifts like sweets to show interest to someone.

Ideal partner? - Honest, with aegyo, and knows how to balance life and work

Have you ever been ghosted? - Umh.. No, I think (laughs)

If you're an animal, what would it be? - I'll be a rabbit. Because I love to be with other people. Also I'm active and I want to do something every time. I can just lay on the bed. I always like to be outside and mingle with other people. 🐰

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin Art Direction and Editing by Joe Andy Videography by Anghel Millar Styling by Ryebread

Hair and Grooming by Mycke Arcano Assisted by Jam Jacobe Words by Maryanne Roldan Featuring Hyeonyul Kim (Augustine) Shot on location at KONA San Juan City.



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