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#ParcinqFresh Featuring DIGNITY

When you hear the title "Pride of K-Pop," many veteran and prominent groups might come to mind. However, be ready to add another name to that list as the pre-debut group DIGNITY introduces themselves as future icons alongside your favorite artists.

DIGNITY is a five-member boy group under PCS Entertainment. They made their presence known on September 23, 2022, with the release of their pre-debut single, ‘RAMBO’. The name 'DIGNITY,' meaning self-respect and majesty, represents their goal of becoming a prestigious group that will leave a mark in K-Pop history with their high self-esteem.

The formation of the group is not unusual, but it is certainly unique in K-Pop. Centered around their leader, Luo, DIGNITY came together through connections and mutual acquaintances. This bond, founded on familiarity, is evident during their performances and interactions.

Even though it was their first time in the Philippines as a group, Minseok shared that their first impression was that everyone was very kind and energetic. Despite the gloomy weather, DIGNITY energized the shoot, reciprocating the warmth they received. Member On described their PARCINQ experience as amusing and comfortable: “The atmosphere on set was fantastic, helping us show our best sides. We were grateful for the frequent jokes that kept us from feeling nervous.”

Like many groups that have debuted, DIGNITY is a group with versatile talents. They excel in singing, dancing, and rapping, but what makes them even more endearing is their willingness to showcase their unique skills beyond performing.

Whether it's Minseok's expertise in broadcasting sound, Luke's talent for song composition and production, Luo's makeup skills, On's voice and facial mimicry, or Hyeonjin's acting ability, the members are never afraid to let their individuality shine.

We all have different criteria when stanning a new group. Visual appearance is one thing, but for me, a good combination of skills and passion is essential. From my conversation with Luke, I can attest that DIGNITY has no shortage of dedication and passion, making anyone want to root for them even more.

With  just two days to promote in the Philippines, the group’s schedule was hectic. However, the loud cheers from Filipino fans during their SBTown Music Fiesta performance made it feel like they had been around for a long time, especially when they asked the fans to scream (TMI: We taught Luke how to properly say it in Tagalog the day before and he was up for the challenge.).

“Performing on stage in the Philippines for the first time was amazing. The response was incredible, and we were so happy to enjoy the stage with our fans, forgetting the hot and humid weather. Their loud cheers were thrilling,” Hyeonjin exclaimed.

With their short stay, they regret missing out on many things. But Minseok shared that they would love to visit Cebu or Boracay next time to see its beautiful scenery firsthand. By then, we might hear them speak more Filipino words apart from “Salamat”, “Mahal Kita”, “Kumusta”, and “Salamat Po.”

The next time DIGNITY returns to the Philippines, we hope that the group, who once promoted themselves in Japan by handing out flyers and performing at small events less than a week before their flight to the Philippines (talk about dedication!), will be a household name and will be mentioned alongside groups debated as the “Pride of K-Pop.”

Until then, the group would like to thank their Filipino fans for the incredible memories. “Thanks to you, we had a really happy time in the Philippines. We hope to meet you all again. Mahal namin kayo,” Luo expressed.



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