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#PARCINQFresh Featuring Jay-r Albino

As the summer heat simmers, Jay-r brings his spicy persona and a fresh perspective on "hot" in this PARCINQ Fresh feature.

But there’s more to him than being the survival show contestant you have probably witnessed in Dream Maker. He’s an old soul, a passionate dreamer, and a determined artist who’s ready to put his name on the horizon.

One thing you need to know about this 19-year-old Dream Chaser is how he sees every challenge as an opportunity to improve his skills. Jay-r shines the most when he’s singing. If he would introduce himself to a non-fan, he would let them hear how he effortlessly carries every soulful melody to its rightful place. Through his voice, it’s his goal to remain genuine because he believes authenticity radiates to people.

In fact, he associates himself with Palawan's San Vicente Long Beach because, similar to the summer destination, he is “unaltered, fresh, and natural.”

While he has made strides towards improvement, he remains a work in progress and not the best, as he will readily tell you.

“I entered Dream Maker without any knowledge of dancing, and I have very low self-esteem,” he shares. As someone who’s on his journey to debut, Jay-r believes that he needs more time to develop himself “for something bigger.”

The trip to the bigger stage is not smooth sailing, but he has it all figured out. Perhaps what makes him admirable is his fighting spirit to move forward despite the setbacks. He quips that everything is attainable as long as he puts his heart and mind into it.

With his gentle character and promising talent, we can confidently say that the next destination for Jay-r would definitely be the debut stage.

Where would you take your Juniors this summer?

“I would love to take them to a theme park because I want them to try all the breathtaking rides with me.”

Recommend a summer song!

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

Your dream summer getaway

“Right now, my dream summer getaway is Bali, Indonesia. I want to travel alone, to relax and rethink.”

Check out more photos of Jay-r below:


Photography & Grooming by Rxandy Capinpin

Hair by Jay Wee

Styling by Rye Bread

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla



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