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#PARCINQFresh Featuring Michael Keith

Ringing the radar of a promising artist that could surely add flavor to your OPM listing, Michael Keith is a singer-songwriter who's brimming with creativity, promise, and passion. This Fil-American talent is no stranger to the spotlight, as he has been making favorable impressions since then on several appearances locally and even on Disney and Nickelodeon!

But what makes him an artist in his own league is how he makes his music relatable to the public. His lyricism, which stems from his vulnerabilities and growing experiences, imbues real emotions that bring fresher perspectives to the ever-evolving soundscape of OPM. He surely knows how to make his sound irresistibly good, and he’s on his way to show you that “when you hear a Michael Keith song, you KNOW it’s Michael Keith!”

Young and talented, this rising star will leave you drowning and yearning for more. In this #PARCINQFresh feature, we sat down with him and had a conversation about his hopes, dreams, and musical journey thus far.

How would you introduce yourself to someone who wants to get to know you and your music?

I want people to hear the name Michael Keith, my music, and say, he’s a human just like me. I’m a very vulnerable person, and I do my absolute best to give the person that I truly am to everyone I meet. Regardless of [whether] they’ll accept me or not. And I do the same in my music. Every song I’ve written has come from true emotions, feelings, and events I’ve experienced in my life. And I always try to push [the idea] that I am just a cool, laidback, relatable dude. Although I don’t do normal things, at the end of the day, I go home a normal person.

From your first single to Drowning, what has it been like?

I’ve really learned to just be vulnerable and really write about what means the most to me. In the industry I’m in, it’s so easy to get sucked into trends and just write what other people are writing about. Sometimes what’s written isn’t even true! But I always make sure that every song I make has a meaning to it. I’ve been inspired to do this by listening to artists like Bazzi and Daniel Caesar. They’ve made music that I’ve been able to listen to, and associate with certain moments and emotions in my life. And I want to be that artist for others as well. I guess you can say I’m making a soundtrack for our lives.

What’s the best thing about making music?

Just like any art, with music I’m able to do what other people enjoy doing, but with my own flavor to it! When you hear a Michael Keith song, you KNOW it’s Michael Keith. Art is something that has no boundaries, and being able to create art in a way that I know best, and share it with the world is always so exciting. You never know what people will say, but nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you made what you consider a masterpiece.

You’ve released your new single Drowning. Take us back to the creative process while composing this song with Sean Cedro.

I remember sitting in the studio with Sean and telling him, “I want to write a song, that when people hear it, they can say ‘damn, I feel exactly the way he does with his person, with mine.’” And so we started writing, and a lot of emotions that I felt with someone that was in my life, started to come up. And the rest is history.

For those who have just discovered your music, what song do you recommend they start listening to?

Definitely Drowning! This is the first time I’ve released a song where I really put a bunch of my emotions into it. And I want people to just enjoy the feelings that Drowning has, and possibly become the song for them with their person.

Artists you would like to collaborate with, and why?

Definitely Bazzi. He’s been my biggest inspiration ever since I heard his music. And he’s actually the reason why I go at my music the way that I do now. He’s very vulnerable and raw, and I know if we got together, we could make something absolutely beautiful. I would also love to collaborate with Sarah G. and Billy Crawford. Obviously, Sarah’s the Queen of Pop here, and Billy is such an energetic personality and performer. I feel we would blend very well.


Photography and Video by Pogs Francisco

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Styling by Ryebread

Grooming and Hair by Mycke Arcano

Words and Interview by Hans Ethans Carbonilla

Special Thanks to Viva Artists Agency


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