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#PARCINQFRESH Featuring Park Ji Yong and Lee Suya

If you ask an avid K-drama viewer about their 'jagiya,' you will hear familiar names of a lot of pretty Korean boys. Song Kang, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Do Hyun, and 99+ others are always captivating hearts through their charming spells.

Their foxy "flower boy" beauty will always be a highly appreciated kind of visual for most K-culture enthusiasts. Adding to the boy-next-door roster are Park Jiyong and Lee Suya - two young Korean models and promising TV stars that you might just find yourselves head-over-heels in love with.


As a freelance model, Jiyong definitely stands out with his tall frame and striking features. At 21 years old, he's already packed quite a punch in the modeling industry. With his impressive height, sharp eyes and natural charisma, it's easy to see why he's making waves in the modeling industry. His commanding aura and sweet smile are definitely two of his best assets!

He has an air of mystery about him that is intriguing and makes you want to know more. His beauty is captivating, and he has a love for film that is infectious. This unrivaled handsome man and 'Midnight in Paris' film enthusiast is definitely someone who turns heads.


Scrolling through the stan Twitter feed, you'll probably encounter a photo of BGYO Mikki – at first glance - having lunch with ENHYPEN's Jay. But if you look closely into it - or probably zoom into the image - he's not Jay. He's Suya, a 20-year-old Korean model and actor.

Born in the Philippines, Suya's first TV appearance trended online when he was playfully interviewed on a noon-time variety show four years ago. Since then, a lot of people have hit that follow button on Instagram. With Suya's charming personality and innocent-looking face, who wouldn't fall in love with him?

With Jiyong and Suya's striking and charming features that most of the fans love, their ascension to stardom is not far-fetched. Not everyone in the industry has what it takes to make it big, but these two fresh faces obviously fit into the mold.

Words and Cover Layout by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Photography by Philip Vargas

Hair and grooming by Mycke Arcano

Assisted by Lei Froyalde

Styling by @ranque_styling

Head Stylist : Mark Ranque

Associate stylist : Carl Angelo Cahutay

Laly Victoria

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