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#PARCINQFresh Featuring Sean Tristan and Raven Rigor

They say new artists come and go. It's hard to find footing in this highly competitive industry, but rising fresh talents and "Beach Bros" stars Raven Rigor and Sean Tristan have no problem with that. Brimming with natural prowess in acting, both are here to stay.

In a huge starfield, it's hard to shine the brightest. But the universe has always had its amazing way of highlighting stars that will sparkle even more. In this Parcinq Fresh Issue, we finally caught up with the most-talked-about and celebrated tandem on the internet.

Sean Tristan

We first saw Sean on Tiktok wearing a cute Spiderman costume and talking with his deep, bedroom voice. It's highly unlikely that we missed a video of him during the pandemic because he's literally everywhere!

For someone who's both wanderlust and a film student, there's definitely nothing quite like traveling to Baler while acting in front of a camera after two dreading years of being stuck at home. The sound of the waves and wind rushing through while the camera's on a roll - it's a perfect place for Sean.

Venturing from digital to a much bigger avenue is such a huge leap. But being a neophyte doesn't hinder this 20-year-old promising actor in his acting stint in "Beach Bros." He loves to document and make videos, so this craft is something he's greatly passionate about. Who knows, we might have another actor-director in the future!

Raven Rigor

Raven didn't expect all of these to happen. Never did he position himself in the limelight as an actor before. But as they say, "What's meant for you will eventually find you."

This 20-year-old young actor started as one of the members of The Squad Plus in 2021. There he showed his fun and engaging personality that attracted a lot of people. His career then skyrocketed when he became part of ABS-CBN's Primetime series "Huwag Kang Mangamba," then to a more prominent role in "Beach Bros" with Sean.

His star power is irresistibly strong, and that helps him find his footing in the industry. Since then, he has remained self-effacing. Impressive acting skills for a rookie; Raven continuously proves that he's more than just a pretty face.

The Perfect Seven

Being a rookie actor can be someone's shining moment, and both Sean and Raven glimmer when they become two side characters for iWantTFC's coming-of-age series, "Beach Bros."

The story centers on the foibles and follies of YOLO. Overflowing with talent and charm, they portrayed their respective roles outstandingly, which even stirred a buzz on the internet. Jeremy and Pete's innocence and natural chemistry feed us with butterflies, spark kilig, and even hammer us into tiny pieces. Even though "Beach Bros" is notably not a BL series, their adorable scenes and authentic connection provide an extra flavor and seem to give the series an exciting arc to hold on to.

Together they might be called "SeVen," but we'd like to give them a perfect ten for their hype-worthy performance. We're excited as to where they are heading in the future!



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