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#PARCINQFRESH featuring VXON Patrick

The youngest member of a group is often treated as the cutest, most adorable member. Many fans of K-pop and P-Pop will agree that it’s hard to deny the charm of a maknae or bunso — his youthful energy, innocent aura, and playful attitude make him an irresistible force.

Patrick of VXON is the newest addition to the maknae line-up in P-pop. During our exclusive interview and cover shoot for #PARCINQFRESH, we had a lot of fun getting to know him as he went very candid with his answers and even happily signed our slam book! Looking ahead to his future as a rising star in P-pop, he also talked about his close relationship with his fellow members.

Get a glimpse into Patrick’s life in this interview, in which he talks about the film he'd watch on a movie date, the compliment that made him feel kilig, and even his insecurities.

Describe yourself

I can describe myself as makulit, super daldal and friendly po. [ I can be playful, chatty, and friendly. ]

Would you rather be lovable and cute or attractive and sexy?

Lovable and cute po. Kase po feeling ko yung sexy, hindi po sya tutugma sa personality ko. Pero siguro yung attractive pwede na rin naman? ( laughs softly) [ I would rather be lovable and cute. I don't think that being sexy would go well with my personality. But I could also be attractive, right? ]

What is it like being the maknae?

Nararamdaman ko po talaga na bunso ako nila from the way po nila ako alagaan or kung paano po sila magcare, ganun po. Tapos, si Kuya C13 naman po yung lagi ko pinagtatanungan pag need ko ng help, kase nung una ko po sya na meet sya po talaga yung dinaldal at kunilit ko po agad. Actually, sa kanya po talaga ako mas comfortable mag sabi ng mga bagay-bagay lalo na about personal life. Mas open po ako sa kanya.

[ I really feel like I'm the youngest member of the group. They take such good care of me. Also, I usually ask Kuya C13 for help because I'm really more comfortable sharing things with him, especially about personal life. I'm more open with him than with anyone else. ]

If we're going on a movie date, what's the best film to see?

Avengers po. Favorite ko po sya eh kahit nung bata palang po ako. Lahat po ng Avengers films napanuod ko na. Feeling ko pag may naka-date ako, siguro magugustuhan nya rin [manuod] kase gusto ko. (laughs)

[ When I go on a movie date, I feel like they'd enjoy watching my favorite film, which is Avengers. It's been my favorite film since I was a little kid and I've seen all of the Avengers films. ]

Tell me about a compliment you've heard or read that made your heart flutter.

Sa twitter po may mga nababasa po ako na ako daw po yung pahinga nila, parang nakaka taba po ng puso. Every time na magli-live po kami tapos makikita ko nalang [ yung mga photos] po sa twitter. Yung mga sweet messages and tweets nila, parang nakaka kilig din po every time I get a compliment. [Apparently, some fans on Twitter say I am their "rest" or I make them feel better when they see me. It's heartwarming to know. Every time we go live, I can see my photos pop up in my Twitter feed. I always get excited and kilig when people send me sweet messages and tweets.]

Do you have any insecurities you’d like to throw away?

Wala naman po. Pero if ever meron, itatapon ko agad. (laughs)

[I have no insecurities. If I ever feel like I do, I'll quickly get rid of it.]


PRODUCER Philip Vargas


WORDS Nikki Viola



VIDEOGRAPHY Pogs Francisco

STYLING Myrrh Lao To


MAKEUP Mac Igarta


NAILS Lourdes of Katch Beauty Lounge

SPECIAL THANKS TO Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

Erickson Raymundo (President/Managing Director), Jeffrey Vadillo (Vice President)

CS MUSIC LABEL HEAD Caress Caballero

HANDLER Cristine Calawod



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