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Who might be the girl magnet among all the boys of VXON? It's a tricky question, but I'd say Sam if I had to pick one. No matter how you look at it, Sam has got the natural charisma and boy-next-door appeal to sweep any girl (or boy) off her feet. And for this reason, so many of his fans are always trying to get his attention. But, how do you get Sam’s attention? Lucky for us, the guy was nice enough to answer this question during our interview for #PARCINQFresh.

Sam’s personality is like honey to flies. This boy will make you swoon with his charm and killer smile, but don’t be fooled—he’s really a softie deep down. Get to know his thoughts on people's misconception of him and how it's different than who he really is. And don't miss your chance to find out what's in his slam book! ( Vixies, take note!!!) 📝

Describe yourself

I’m a very family-oriented person and I’m a person who always seeks learning.

Do you like to be the sweet, naive type or the stern, overprotective type?

Sweet yet stern po ako. Malambing po ako sobra as a person pero minsan nagsusungit po ako and mabilis din ako magselos. Basta sobrang sweet ko po and supportive sa lahat ng ginagawa nya para maging masaya sya basta happy sya. To put it simply, sobrang sweet ko po na tao and loyal at the same time. [ I'm sweet yet stern. I'm sweet as a person but I can also be moody and quick to get jealous. I am a very sweet person who is loyal to my loved ones. I'm always there to make them happy as long as they're happy. To put it simply, I'm both very sweet and loyal. ]

People may often assume that you are a bad and naughty boy, but do you think this is true?

Usual impression po sya pero ako po kase yung mag h-Hi ganun lang. Personality ko po yung parang lagi lang nasa gilid hindi napapansin, pero impression po sakin parang laging “bad boy”. I like to appear tough [bad boyish] on the outside, but I am actually sweet on the inside. [ It’s a common first impression of people about me that I’m a bad boy. I’m the type of person who just says "Hi!" My personality always seems to be on the side that is unnoticed, yet I am often seen as a bad boy. I like to appear tough [bad boyish] on the outside, but I am actually sweet on the inside.]

The next time you're trying to get someone's attention, what will you do? And how can someone catch your attention?

Tinitignan ko po sila ng matagal sa mata hanggang sa tumingin po sila sa’kin, yun po babatiin ko po sila. And to catch my attention? Someone might get it po when they are not trying to. Alam mo yung feeling na hindi po sila nag t-try na kunin kung attention ko? Yun po yung mga taong nakakakuha ng attention ko, yung mga lowkey type. [ I make eye contact and wait for them to look back at me before saying hello. And to catch my attention? Someone might get it when they are not trying to. Do you know the feeling when someone doesn't try to get your attention? These are the type of people who get my attention eventually - the lowkey types.]

When do you feel confident?

I feel confident pagsumayaw po tapos sobrang napractice ko po yung dance na yun to the point na nahaluan ko na po sya ng personality ko — yun po sobrang confident ko. Also, pag bago ang shoes and nakashades. (laughs) [ I feel confident when I dance, especially when I practice that dance so much to the point that it has become a part of my personality. I also feel confident when I wear new shoes and when I have my sunglasses on.]


PRODUCER Philip Vargas


WORDS Nikki Viola



VIDEOGRAPHY Pogs Francisco

STYLING Myrrh Lao To


MAKEUP Mac Igarta


NAILS Lourdes of Katch Beauty Lounge

SPECIAL THANKS TO Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

Erickson Raymundo (President/Managing Director), Jeffrey Vadillo (Vice President)

CS MUSIC LABEL HEAD Caress Caballero

HANDLER Cristine Calawod



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