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#PARCINQFresh featuring VXON Vince

As we meet someone new, we often have preconceived notions about what they'll be like. This is especially true for celebrities and idols because we see them all over social media and in music videos that add certain expectations to our imagination. But Vince, the visual member of the newest P-pop group VXON isn't what you might expect, and here's why: first impressions can often be wrong.

Though he may not come across as an extrovert, Vince is actually quite reserved. But don't let his quiet exterior fool you. Beneath the surface, he has a lot to offer. His calm, composed presence was an immense pleasure to be around during our short time together for their first cover shoot.

Below, Vince shares what he's most confident in, who he turns to when in trouble, and how he grew up close to his grandmother, who helped him become the man he is today.

Describe yourself

Siguro ano ako, God-fearing, adventurous and chill guy.

[ I think I'm a chill and adventurous guy who's also God-fearing.]

Which part of your body are you most confident in?

I think when it comes to my body, siguro my neck. I don’t know. Kase sinasabi nila mahaba daw pero I think it’s an advantage and best asset na rin. [ I am most confident in my neck because some say it’s long, but it could be an advantage and best asset as well! ]

Do you think you’re acting more like a good boy or a bad boy?

Most of the time, I think I’m acting more like a good boy but I can do both naman. (laughs)

Who is the first person you go to when you are sad or in trouble?

Not really a person, kase si God agad ang una ko pinupuntahan even when I’m sad, happy or angry. When I’m in trouble, siguro si Lola. Sya kase yung lagi kong nakakasama sa bahay and kapag nag bibigay sya ng payo, ramdam mo talaga. Very heartfelt yung mga payo nya. [ Not really a person. So, like, I turn to God first and foremost, even when I’m sad, happy, or angry. When I'm in trouble, I always approach my grandma. Since she's the one I spend time with at home, I can really feel her love and guidance. Her advice is always heartfelt and sincere. ]

Where do you spend the most time of the day?

Probably sa studio kase, nag t-training kami araw-araw and siguro dun ko na rin nagagawa lahat like yung self-reflection and mga assesstment ko with the group. [ I probably spend most of my time in the studio because we train every day. Aside from that, I also use this time to do things like self-reflection. We also do assessments as a group. ]


PRODUCER Philip Vargas


WORDS Nikki Viola



VIDEOGRAPHY Pogs Francisco

STYLING Myrrh Lao To

STYLING ASSOCIATES Edlene Cabral and Joshua Gala

MAKEUP Mac Igarta


NAILS Lourdes of Katch Beauty Lounge

SET DESIGN Rxandy Capinpin

SPECIAL THANKS TO Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

Erickson Raymundo (President/Managing Director), Jeffrey Vadillo (Vice President)

CS MUSIC LABEL HEAD Caress Caballero

HANDLER Cristine Calawod

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