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#PARCINQFresh Featuring Winner

The entertainment realm is not for the faint of heart– more so if you are part of the industry that everyone in the world goes crazy for. All eyes are on you. But there's certainly no difficult work when you love what you do. It’s that parching passion that drives you to perform like a real champion. This is something our latest #PARCINQFresh Thai actor Winner Tanatat, knows how to navigate and win.

The first thing that will charm you about this 23-year-old ‘Nitiman’ star is how he gives his all to every character he portrays. His level of artistry screams resoundingly of how well he brings to life the complexities and needed emotions of his characters. From showing his acting chops in Nitiman, War of Y, My Universe, to all his upcoming roles, he always finds genuine joy and comfort when he gets to express his varying emotions.

This promising actor, who’s also a model, remarks that the most rewarding thing about acting is when he gets to have a chance to be someone else. He sees every character transformation as great learning experiences and new opportunities. This refreshing mindset towards his craft makes him a rising artist everyone needs to keep an eye on.

In this #PARCINQFresh feature, we sat down with Winner and had a conversation about how he journeys through the industry with so much passion, and how he possesses the heart of a winner.

Q. You are on a trip alone. How would you introduce yourself to people who are only starting to get to know you?

Hi! I'm Winner, and I’m an actor from Thailand. I've been in the entertainment industry for a while now. I would like to say that I'm very outgoing and I love to express my emotions through my characters. So, when I have the chance to do what I love, which is acting, I feel very incredible when I can make everyone enjoy while watching my work. I’m looking forward to everyone's support in the future.

Q. As we all know, creating your name in the BL industry is not easy. What motivates you to pursue this career? Have you always imagined yourself working in the entertainment industry?

What motivates me to pursue this career are the fans who always support me and when I see them loving what I do. Yes, I have always imagined myself doing this career. It has always been my passion to express myself through acting. I want to make everyone who watches my work, enjoy the art of acting and feel all of my emotions through my characters.

Q. You’ve been in a lot of taping locations. Share with us your favorite/s if there’s any.

I love all the locations that I’ve been to. All the locations are new to me and I've never been to those locations before. So, that makes me feel very excited every time I travel to new places.

Q. We’re ready to explore with you. What do we need to look forward to in your journey?

Right now, I have two upcoming series. First one is called “Homeroom” and will be shown online through TrueID (Thai platform). The second series is called “My Dear Gangster Oppa” on iQIYI which I think will be shown online in many countries. In the future, I'm looking forward to being part of more series or movies, so the fans can get to see me more.

Q. If you could tour your fans anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Anywhere in the world that my fans want me to be would be my pleasure, because I personally love traveling to new places.

Q. In your opinion, what makes you a winner?

In my opinion, what makes me a winner is winning all of my fans' hearts, being the best version of myself, making people love who I am, and doing good works, so everyone can enjoy watching any role that I’m in.


Photography by Termsit Siriphanich

Styling, Hair, and Makeup by Eddiethailand

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Featuring Artist Winner (Tanatat Kunaneksin)

Winner wears @painkiller_atelier and @twotwice

Special thanks to CTM ARTISTS



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