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#ParcinqFresh: Meet the Parcinq Boys of Summer 2024

Summer is on, and so are the models! 

As the Philippines stands out as a hub of talent in modeling, three agencies are at the forefront: Calton X Tenmen, Empire Mercator, and New Monarq. These agencies each have a distinct approach to modeling, a roster of exceptional talent, and a commitment to excellence that has cemented their reputations in the Philippine fashion industry.

This summer, meet Ivan, Kent, Lucas S., Yoonsung, Yunus, and Lucas P.  from Calton X Tenmen, Empire Mercator, and New Monarq. In this #ParcinqFresh feature, we’re putting the spotlight on the newest and hottest models in town. Let’s get to know them and find out what they are looking forward to and their secret to staying fresh this summer.

Empire Philippines & Mercator Models 

When it comes to basking in the summer spotlight, Empire & Mercator knows best. Established in 2001, the agency has a respected history and an esteemed clientele, known for its sophistication and elegance. Led by President Jonas Gaffud and Vice President Mau de Leon, the agency represents fashion and commercial models, influencers, celebrities, and beauty queens, with their pool of talents frequently appearing on international runways, perhaps, bringing a touch of sunshine wherever they go.

Lucas Schlachter

Summer’s in full swing, and we caught up with one of the hottest models on the block—Schlachter Lucas. When asked about his favorite summer activity, diving takes the top spot. As for the season’s style and trendy pieces, it’s all about swimsuits. Being on Mister International, his skincare routine is simple yet proven effective: “My skincare is basic, just cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.”

Yoonsung Jang

Diving into the summer vibes, Yoonsun Jang picks swimming as his top activity this season. His fashion flair shines with a preference for bracelets because they’re easy to pair and versatile. Dreaming of adventures in Bohol, his wanderlust knows no bounds despite his busy schedule. His skincare routine is simple: “I just do three steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.” Yoonsun’s skincare advice? “Drink lots of water—it's definitely effective!”

Calton X Tenmen Talent Agency

Known for its innovative approach and keen eye for emerging talents, Calton X Tenmen has carved a niche for itself in the industry, much like the sun on a summer’s day. It is a joint project of Celebrity Attorney Christopher Liquigan and Fashion Stylist Ton Lao, where their expertise and experience in the fashion and entertainment industry converge. Their friendship and passion drive an evolution in industries, blending local fashion and entertainment seamlessly. 

Both icons in the industry, they aim to immerse in the Filipino spirit through a fusion of fashion and entertainment that captures the essence of Filipino pride. Their vision is to create an exciting blend of Filipino fashion and the entertainment industry that gains global recognition, uniting everyone in style and unity, where every Filipino takes pride in their heritage.


Ivan Ouano

Amid the summer heat, Ivan Ouano is a football player and model who knows no bounds. He prefers the sandy shores as his pitch and emerges from the season tanner and more conditioned, seamlessly blending football and workouts with passion. His activities are always under the scorching heat, but he doesn’t forget to care for his skin, saying, “Before I go out or train, I always put on sunscreen since I'm constantly under the sun. I also like to wash my face with a gentle cleanser and finish with some moisturizer.”

Kent Pelipel

Basketball aficionado and fitness enthusiast Kent Pelipel is all about staying active by working on his body and opting for healthier food choices this summer. When it comes to selecting the perfect attire, he's opting for a tank top that reigns supreme, keeping him cool amidst the sweltering temperatures. As for his skincare routine this summer, he likes to keep it simple: “My skincare is very basic; I usually just wash my face with a facial cleansing foam.”

New Monarq Manila 

Radiating freshness and innovation like a summer breeze, New Monarq Modeling Agency specializes in discovering and nurturing raw talent. Established by Anton Patdu and Grace Diaz in 2017, within a mere sevene years, it has soared to become the sole Philippine-based international agency listed on With a focus on managing international models adept in both fashion and commercial profiles, the agency orchestrates transformations, turning talents into the coveted faces of the fashion world’s runways.

Yunus Yanin

Yunus Yanin is diving headfirst into the summer season, with café hopping and mingling with new faces topping his list of activities. While his plans for the season remain open-ended, a trip to San Juan, La Union for adventures is always on his mind. Embracing the warmth of the season, he delights in tasting local cuisines as part of his summer plans. And with all the adventures ahead, skincare is a priority: “My current routine includes facial soap for oily skin, sunscreen, of course, and a clay mask twice a week.”

Lucas Jacomim

With a love for exploring the breathtaking destinations that the Philippines has to offer, Lucas Jacomim places it at the top of his list. Dreaming of discovering the perfect beaches and majestic waterfalls scattered across the country, he’s all about embracing laid-back vibes. His go-to fashion pieces? Comfy shorts paired with flip-flops, perfect for those sunny adventures. While he enjoys basking in the sun, he doesn't neglect his skincare routine. “My skincare routine is very simple. Before bed, I wash my face with good soap and apply moisturizer. In the morning, I wash with good soap followed by sunscreen,” he shares, opting for a simple yet effective skin remedy.

A common denominator among these models from CaltonXMen, Empire Mercator, and New Monarqr for staying fresh this summer? A good skincare ritual. And what’s a good skincare routine without a shield against the sun’s rays and the warm embrace of the summer breeze? Their top secret? Bioessence sunscreen, which they can surely vouch for. With its reliable protection and nourishing formula, it’s the key to embracing the season with confidence and ensuring our skin is pampered like never before.

So, while we revel under the summer heat, let these promising models be our guide and inspiration to embrace the season with style, confidence, and a commitment to skincare. With their tips and secrets, we can all enjoy a summer filled with adventure, beauty, and unforgettable moments.


Sculpted by Bioessence

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Photography Assistance by Royd Loyola

Film by Ian Francisco

Assisted by Anghel Millar

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by LA Bendana

Styling by Ryebread

Alamat’s Ensemble by Edrick Paz

Glam by Bhads Castor and Lars Cabancan

Bioessence Team Kryzzle Cailing and Luigi Macalintal

Shot on location at Gaia Datu 

Parcinq Cover: Alamat 

Parcinq Fresh: Yoonsung and Lucas S. at Mercator

Kent and Ivan at Calton X Tenmen

Yunus and Lucas P.  at New Monarq

Special thanks to Yheen Valero of Gaia Datu, Ton Lao of Calton X Tenmen, Miki Miclat of Mercator and Viva Artists Agency



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