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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring Jao Canlas

Have you ever thought if it's possible for a boy group member to be the complete package? Skills in dancing, singing, and charisma are essential, but so are having a kind heart and a great fashion sense. ALAMAT's Jao can give you an idea of what it means to seemingly 'have it all.'

When we are lurking for a potential bias in a group, we usually search for a member with a certain aura, visual, and even a position. But if your eyes are on Jao, worry no more because he is EVERYTHING, and one thing is for sure, you definitely have the taste.

Completing our #PARCINQSuperFresh lineup is ALAMAT's main dancer and bunso, Jao. Read on to get to know him more and why he should be on your bias list!

Meet ALAMAT Jao!

According to Jao, if Magiliws would describe him, he would be the cutest member of the group. They attest to it, maybe not just because of his sweet yet striking visuals but his naturally charming personality. Seeing how he warmly treats his members, especially their fans on social media or in person, would make everyone swoon. Jao's bright and kind self makes him a sunshine in human form.

Another thing that makes Jao "Jao" is his slay humor. You will never be bored when you stan him because if you scroll over to ALAMAT's official member Twitter account you could find his quirky videos with the other members, funny tweets, and savage replies to some lucky Magiliws – making his fan service a little extra.

Jao being the All-rounder idol that he is

From his mellifluous voice in SULM, his sleek rap part in ILY ILY, and his powerful dance moves in their recent song Aswang, this proves how Jao can pull off everything. Besides being a great performer on stage, Jao said he would also consider doing projects beyond his comfort zone – "I will definitely do acting, hosting, and more. I love exploring many other things to do, and I feel restless when I'm stuck with only one job." (laughs)

Jao shared that what excites him the most before hitting the stage is the connection he arises between them and the audience and how they'll be able to share his group's goal. "To communicate and share what we have with the audiences gets me fired up. I love performing our songs with my group mates, especially because we are able to share the rich and diverse culture of our country."

Just like any idol, Jao also has his memorable moments in his career – "My favorite and most memorable performance of ours was in P-Popcon 2022. It was overwhelming as it was our first performance with a live audience, and it was in the Araneta Coliseum. The crowd was very giving! luv u all. We also got to share the big stage with other fellow P-pop groups."

Jao radiates the main character vibe

Looking at his Instagram feed, it is clear that Jao is a complete scene stealer because of how he carries his OOTDS with oozing charisma and confidence. This made him known as one of the style icons in the P-pop industry, making Magiliws manifest a modeling contract for their idol. I mean, imagine Jao walking on a fashion runway, right? We're rooting for that to happen!

Jao would describe his style as fashionably unpredictable. "I would say my style is ever-changing, depending on what occasion I'm going to, or how I'm feeling. But one thing for sure is I can't dress basic. If I ever tried to dress basic, I would feel restless and revise everything right away haha. I perceive fashion as a form of art too, where I can express myself. My mind is always flowing with ideas that I feel like I need to execute." And if there's a fashion piece that our king would never give up, it would be cropped tops.

Q. How would Jao spend his weekend after a long and tiring schedule?

Jao: "I would lock myself in my room, with lots of food, and watch Anime all day. But if I have more energy to spare, I'd go out and travel or hang with friends."

Q. You can only use one social media for the rest of your life; what is it?

Jao: "Instagram, because I like taking and sharing photos."

Q. If you could change position or role with a member for one song, which member would you like to switch to? And for which song?

Jao: "I would switch with Alas on our debut song Kbye because I like his Bisaya raps. It sounds interesting."

Q. How was your shoot with PARCINQ? Any fun memories?

Jao: "I love Parcinq! It feels like family, the vibe is always slaying. It's always fun every time I shoot with them. I see Rxandy as a slayful director/ photography mom, Sir Joe is always on point in guiding me throughout the shoot, and Sir Philip's shots are so good, and he always brightens up the mood. I also wanna thank the stylist, Mark Ranque, and Makeup Artist, Thazzia Falek, for making me look really great."

The P-Pop industry is jammed with beautiful and talented idols with a lot to offer. But there is Jao, who is definitely out of this world and one of the most ethereal idols we should also look up to. And, of course, we can't wait to see what more Jao has up his sleeve!


Photography by Philip Vargas

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Maryanne Roldan

Styling by Mark Ranque

Assisted by Jean Roselle Ranque Babia

Style Associate Carlo Angelo Cahutay

Hair and Grooming by Thazzia Falek

Special Thanks to VIVA Records, VIVA Artists Agency, and Vee Bandilla

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Domina Trix
Domina Trix

Thank you so much for this slayful article and glamorous out-of-this-world photoshoot with our Jao!

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