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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring JL Toreliza of BGYO

The night is filled with an ethereal glow, and each fleeting moment becomes a timeless spectacle. In those quiet instances of awe, under the meteor shower’s gentle embrace, hearts are stirred, and the dreams of JL Toreliza from BGYO take flight.

Not long ago, the “Aces of P-pop” and Grammy-featured group recently released their special comeback single titled “Bulalakaw.” For JL himself, the song represents something he doesn’t want to lose in his life; in his words, “so you always wish for it to stay.”

The heartfelt melody and lyrics weave a narrative that resonates with JL on a personal level—it’s for his family, whom he always comes back to; it’s for his members, whom he shares his global dreams with; it’s for each and every one of the ACEs fandom, whom he knows is always there; and it’s for every wishing star, whom he believes is rooting for him.

As the music envelops listeners, much like meteors invading the sky, it becomes a vessel for the dreams and aspirations that JL shares with others, fostering a connection that transcends time and space.

As he takes the musical stage in the iconic 90s character “Rovic” for “Tabing-Ilog The Musical,” JL brings the very same passion he had on the P-pop stage, infusing the lead role with zeal. 

“I'm extremely happy to be part of Tabing Ilog The Musical. I didn't expect to become a theater actor, but I enjoyed every step of the process, and now, I want to do it again,” he expresses.

Through JL’s personal magic, the stage transforms into a time capsule, vividly resurrecting memories of an unforgettable era. He further shares that “the best thing about being part of Tabing Ilog is that you get to be creative in everything, and with every show, you discover new abilities within yourself that you didn’t know you had at first.”

Just as meteors grace the night sky, JL’s stage journey is a celestial metaphor for personal and artistic growth. Like meteors leaving stardust trails, his on-stage moments have left an imprint of lessons learned and creative discoveries.

Surely, if JL were to make one wish, it would be for you, the one who has been loving him, to stay.

Fun questions:

Q. If given the chance to do a PARCINQ editorial feature, which would you pick: #PARCINQBeauty or #PARCINQFashion?

Q. You can only use one social media for the rest of your life; what is it?

JL: Instagram

Q. If you could be any fictional character for a day, who would you choose?

JL: Superman

Q. Favorite Christmas song

JL: O Holy Night

Q. Your dream Christmas getaway

JL: Car

Q. Message to your ACEs

JL: “Maraming salamat ACEs sa lahat. Sana hindi kayo mapagod na suportahan kami dahil hindi rin kami mapapagod na pasayahin kayo. Mahal namin kayo ACEs palagi! 🫶🏻”


Photography by Philip Vargas

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Styling by Mark Ranque

Make Up by Mycke Arcano

Hair by Bhads Castor

Special thanks to Star Magic, The Purple Work, and Top Tea

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Shot at 48 Scout Castor House Studio

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1 Comment

Ana Pagunsan
Ana Pagunsan
Dec 19, 2023

Super Fresh naman ang Alaga ng ACEs ang gwapo grabeh

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