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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring Niko Badayos of YML

Saying yes to love is an act of courage, a commitment to embrace vulnerability, and a willingness to let the heart beat in synchrony. For Niko Badayos, a member of the P-pop group “Yes My Love,” this sentiment encapsulates his journey—an odyssey where every step is guided by the rhythm of his dreams.

Beyond the stage lights lies a key that can unlock the door to his heart: sincerity. In a world often defined by the spotlight, Niko’s choice to say “yes” echoes how he perseveres and faces head-on the challenges in the pursuit of following his passion for performing.

“I fell in love with performing since I was in grade school but what made me fall in love more is my very supportive stage mom,” YML leader and main dancer shares. His confession about his mother reveals a deeper layer to his artistry—a personal success in making the most important person in his life happy. 

As a member of YML, Niko finds himself living a dream that has been etched in his heart since childhood. Through this, he has come to realize the substantial effort, patience, and courage required to carve a path that aligns with his aspirations. 

Each step in this unfolding adventure, the grandest choreography of his life, contributes to his growth as an artist, making it a love letter to his younger self who once dreamed of being where he is right now.

When asked about a specific quality he would want people to easily recognize hearing the name “Niko,” he answers: “Aside from being a passionate performer, I want them to remember me as a good friend. Material things can easily be replaced, but good memories with a good friend won’t.”

Highlighting the importance he places on building relationships with his family, friends, and supporters unveils the depth of his character and the impact he hopes to leave on those who share in his journey.

To say “yes” to love even more, we sat down with Niko and had a talk about his year-end thoughts and goals for 2024.

Q. How would you describe 2023?

Niko: “It's fine dining, with a bittersweet experience.”

Q. Can you tell us about a defining moment in your career so far?

Niko: “My defining moment so far was my first out of the country [trip] with my boys in “Yes My Love.” We performed at Esplanade, Singapore alongside BINI, BGYO, XOXO and S-POP artists. It was an exhilarating moment to represent P-POP abroad alongside other P-POP groups and S-POP artists.”

Q. Are there any specific projects or collaborations that you are looking forward to?

Niko: “I am looking forward to the collaborations of my group “Yes My Love“ with the “Pop Rock Singer Songwriter” Yeng Constantino and “R&B King” Jay R. Watch out for it!”

Q. Where do you see yourself in 2024? Are there any new or existing goals or dreams you would want to pursue next year?

Niko: “I’m seeing myself next year having loads of endorsements, [participating in] big performances [both] in the Philippines and abroad, and collaborating with great Filipino artists. We’ll never know, maybe I might get some gigs on acting too.”

Q. What’s your message to your fans?

Niko: “To our fandom 143, Yes My Love, thank you for staying with us through thick and thin. Our goal is to always make you happy through the music we create and the performances we make. Hope we make you proud.”


Photography by Wilmark Jolindon 

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Styling by Ryebread

Hair and Make Up by Mycke Arcano

Special thanks to Cornerstone Entertainment, The Purple Work, and Top Tea

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Shot at Studio LAJ



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