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PHP’s Rebirth is One that the P-pop World Should See Unfold

You’re an aspiring Filipino performer, and one of your wildest dreams is to yell out, “What’s up Araneta!” Growing up, you can’t help but fantasize about rocking the Big Dome, getting everyone hyped up with your music, no matter where they’re from.

P-pop group Press Hit Play, or PHP for short, didn’t just dream it—they made it happen, not just once, but twice! 

The boys of PHP are total go-getters, and they’ve been making waves since their debut in 2021. Chrls, JP, Yuuki, and Sev have performed on a number of TV shows and taken their songs on provincial tours all across the country.

Their journey so far is a testament to their relentless drive and their evolution as rising stars in the P-pop scene. But as they stride into the year of the dragon, they’re firing up for a major transformation. With a fresh new logo, a new slogan, a new label, and a new song, PHP is ready for their rebirth.

Now under the Sony Music Philippines banner, the quartet has their sights set on even loftier goals for this year and beyond. Earlier this year, they unveiled their new logo—a bold red emblem shaped like a phoenix, symbolizing their resilience and revival.

According to PHP’s leader, Chrls, the phoenix’s presence in their rebranding underscores the group’s steadfast commitment to overcoming obstacles and relentlessly pursuing their ambitions despite adversities.

With a fiercer determination and fresher perspectives, they’re set to reveal a “different sound,” signaling a better PHP. “We’re really excited to share with you what we have in store for the next two years or so.”

Their new tagline “Embrace the Flames, Rise with Resilience” suggests a willingness to explore and experiment creatively, even in uncomfortable or challenging situations. For Chrls, it encourages artists like them to “push boundaries, take risks, and explore new artistic territories in the process.”

“Our mantra has always been to inspire people with our music and offer relatable storytelling.” The “Forever Young” singer expresses. “We believe PHP’s songs are made to break boundaries for P-pop to crossover and be heard by casual listeners.”

And they’re giving us a sneak peek into their new world with their latest venture, “Hey Love!” launched on Feb. 9. The track is an anthem for those having a tough time confessing their feelings to their crushes.

While some might think it’s a ballad, it’s definitely a fun listen! And if you’re a fan of DNCE, Jonas Brothers, or even Jason Derulo, you’ll love this even more because, as JP, who led the songwriting, production, and recording of the song shares, “listening to their songs gave me many ideas.”

“My aim is to captivate the listeners as soon as it plays. Hey Love! has catchy lyrics and an exciting beat. I intended to encourage everyone in moving, singing, and dancing along with the group," he adds.

When asked how the single differs from their previous releases like “MNLuv,” “Wala Na Ba,” and “Forever Young,” both musically and thematically, JP states that this time their sound is more “mature.” 

“When you hear it, you will still hear PHP’s signature style. We also tried different vocal styles (falsetto and rap flow) and a simpler choreography that the audience can easily follow and enjoy,” the singer-songwriter quips. “I think this track allowed us to evolve and adapt to changing trends and tastes while staying true to our unique artistic vision.”

Dynamic, versatile, committed—these words paint a picture of the renewed spirit that defines PHP today. Despite their journey in the industry and notable performances on grand stages, their hearts are still set on something grander for their rebirth: a “breakthrough year” and the creation of a “hit song” that will truly introduce PHP to the Filipinos.

“We would love to leave a legacy on the OPM scene as one the groups that have hit song after hit song and would also inspire future generations of musicians,” they collectively agree and hope for. 

When Chrls, JP, Yuuki, and Sev echoed “What’s up Araneta,” it was a celebration of dreams realized, yet leaving room for even more dreams to be chased. As they soar higher, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they serve as a reminder that with unwavering passion and perseverance, the sky is never the limit.

To know more about their personal goals in 2024, Parcinq asked for each of their answers to the question: As individual artists, how do you see yourselves growing within PHP’s new chapter?

CHRLS: “I see myself growing and evolving in this new chapter of PHP through the songs I’ve written during this time. I can observe the maturity and development in my compositions, as well as in my artistry and ideas, influenced by the inspirations I’ve encountered. I’m very excited to explore further and continually improve; learning is addictive, and I’m driven to acquire new skills that will enhance me as an artist.”

JP: “Everyday naman marami akong natututunan sa mga bagay bagay, hindi lang sa pagiging artist but also sa pakikipagkapwa-tao. Sa ilang years kong nahilig sa music, na-realize ko din na kaya kong pala mag-adapt sa kahit anong genre at makasulat ng mabilis kaya in the future marami pa akong gustong gawin and hinihintay ko ang tamang panahon para dun.”

YUUKI: “I recognize myself adapting to many changes in this chapter. By maneuvering between genres, I believe my singing has matured but is still evolving, and I’m able to tackle the songs in my own manner. This era is the best for getting into way better shape and, lastly, for creating and co-writing some tunes for the group.”

SEV: “In this new chapter of PHP, I see myself developing and changing as I venture into learning new things outside of my comfort zone and exploring new skill sets. I'm more motivated than ever to surpass my previous performances as I embark on this new artistic path. I'm working diligently to refine my artistic identity, and I'm gradually starting to write songs that truly reflect my artistry. Since being an artist entails confronting one's fears and embracing growth, I aspire to be an artist who embraces challenges that may seem daunting to me. To conclude, I simply want to relish this experience and enjoy myself because, as one of our songs suggests, “You only live once.” I intend to cherish every moment of it.”


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Hair and Makeup by Pauline Macapagal and Vinci Descalzo

Styling by Nash August

Assisted by James Bryan

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Shot at Mini Cooper



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