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Picture-perfect: Top Class Trainees are All Smiles to Reach the Top

Classes in Top Class are almost over, and it just got even more interesting as the show nears its final exam.

If you're a K-pop survival show junkie, then you're most familiar with a number of reality talent searches committed to forming the next idol groups to stan.

Following the rise of P-pop, Top Class: The Rise to P-pop Stardom leads its way to being the newest, the biggest, and the most interactive P-pop reality tilt in the country. Kicking off with 30 dreamers' lives on the line down to only 12 trainees, TC is eyeing to debut the best of five from the pool of talented young dreamers.

Photo Courtesy of Top Class

But before that, the trainees need first to radiate that idol glow in photos. PARCINQ Magazine sits in one of their classes (Episode 8) and teaches them the magic of how to style their way to the top.

Introduce yourselves

Arriving one early morning in August, we finally saw the trainees we've been encountering showcasing their talents on social media. We caught them in their casual, unstyled glory. Interestingly, each has that promising charm and innate idol quality.

As the first class started, PARCINQ Creative Director Rxandy Capinpin met the trainees. Prior to that day, he gave them the assignment to conceptualize their own photoshoot mood boards.

Photos Courtesy of Top Class

They didn't disappoint! With their out-of-the-box ideas, they came prepared and knew what to present by heart. It was as if we knew a bit about them as their personalities sparkled in this first creative meet-up.

We always love to have students who fully understand their assignments, right?

Finding the light

To be on top, one needs to boost that natural charisma they have. Seemingly unbothered by the hours of sleep they had, the trainees did their magic as if they were born to rock the spotlight. They were ready to captivate all our hearts as they struck their poses to the beat of the camera flashes.

Photos Courtesy of Top Class

As it was their first magazine shoot individually, they were definitely feeling in the moment, exuding nothing but that true idol energy in the studio.

And, yes! What's an idol without their individual photocards?

TCzens, here's how we can purchase:

Be the top fan for each 16 Top Class trainees and avail their first version of PARCINQ photocards via @TopClassDaily live stream on KUMU starting August 15 until August 18, 2022. Orders made from KUMU can be picked up at the PARCINQ Booth during the finale on August 20.

And we have a special treat! Complete their trainee photocard set with PARCINQ's exclusive selca pcs at starting today! Get the option to pick up your cards at the event or ship them right to your doorstep.

We don't want to miss out on these limited edition photocards, TCzens.

See you in the finals!

The competition heats even more as Top Class gears up for the final exam. Let's witness who will emerge on top of their classes this Saturday, August 20, at 5 PM live at PETA Theater. This will also be live-streamed on KUMU and TV5.

If only we could get everyone to debut, then that would be a perfect dream! We hope to see your top picks in the final line-up, TCzens — and hopefully, get those photo cards signed!


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

2nd photographer: Philip Vargas

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling by Team Mark Ranque

Key Grooming and Hair by

Team Mycke Mortiz Arcano

Jed De Leon Bhads Castor, Leonel Froyalde, and Miguel Chiu

Special thanks to Cornerstone Entertainment, KUMU, and Top Class



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