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The Generation of Good Chaos: PPOP GENERATION is Ready to Shake Up the Music Scene at Tugatog

Coming in like a battalion, these girls are nothing less than the era they represent. Condensing the huge group into their own words, "We're gorgeous, talented, and energetic," the girls of Ppop Generation are born ready to conquer the stage. Ppop Generation debuted under Viva Artists Agency three years ago. The group started with vibrant wardrobes in their debut single, 'Ikaw Na'. From that point on, they held fan meetings, TV appearances, and live stage performances, creating a fandom of 'Genatics.' Their fans range from young to old, boys or girls, proving that they are indeed the generation of P-pop music.

At present, the girls are continuously rehearsing for something new. In fact, they won't spoil it in the interview, but they said they are coming back stronger than ever. They revealed that they are once again in a locked-in training, showing how dedicated this group is to their dreams of elevating Filipino music. As girls who were entrusted a whole generation to be hooked on P-pop, we can expect nothing less from them. For now, they are holding events in person and online and performing in TV shows promoting P-pop. They also make sure to stay connected to their fans through live streams. But these girls are not stopping here as they are set to perform on stage on July 15th for Tugatog.

As both P-pop Generation and Tugatog set their sights on the rise of P-pop, these girls are putting in their best efforts to promote Pinoy Pop. They are extremely honored and thankful for the opportunity to share the stage with a united and shared goal. Moving forward, we are expecting fresh new sets from the group for everyone to see, and the girls themselves are excited to astound everyone.

If you're finding a new group that's a good kind of chaotic with staggering visuals and all sorts of talent, you have to watch out for them. Ppop generation is ready to be at the forefront of Pinoy Pop music.

Are you ready for the good chaos? Catch Ppop Generation on stage for Tugatog Music Festival happening on July 15th, 2022 in the Mall of Asia Arena. Grab your tickets through!

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Produced Exclusively by Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. and Parcinq Magazine Team for Tugatog PH

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Anna Fregillana

Styling by Gela Muñoz

Interview by Anna Fregillana and LA Bendana

Videography by Sean Amador

Assisted by Juan Miguel Lapidez & Joshua Navarro

Set Design by Rooster Production Design



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