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Rei Germar Joins barenbliss For A New Peachy Season

Every day is like a blooming flower, and each petal whispers the promise of a sweet, new beginning.

barenbliss is gracing us in their latest campaign with another remarkable Filipina Beauty, the social media influencer, beauty, and lifestyle content creator, Rei Germar. With her dainty presence and influential voice in the digital world, Rei seamlessly embodies the K-beauty brand's message of celebrating blissful moments in every beginning.

As we harvest new peaches in season, barenbliss and Rei Germar invite everyone to cherish the beauty and the joy of creating new memories. With a delicate message in mind, barenbliss shines on its most-loved lip tint in releasing its new shades.

The Peach Makes Perfect Lip tint, with its luscious peachy hue, is crafted to enhance natural beauty, leaving a lasting impression wherever life takes you.

It's impossible to resist the charm of this lip tint that has won every BNBae’s heart. Infused with natural goodness for healthy lips, a vibrant color-pop formula for youthful shades, and the magic of stain-lock technology for a firmer and long-lasting stain. It stays true to the essence of what an ideal lip tint should be, especially for us Filipinas who live in humid weather.

Now, here are their five new peaches – ranging from soft mauve tones to bold brick tones, each color carries its unique stain.

10 stay classy - a deep rich red

11 fairy tale - a nude beige mauve

12 fly high - a warm rosy mauve

13 rise up - a fresh orange cherry

14 bold moves - a deep brownish-orange

This lip tint isn't just makeup – it's a little reminder that life can be sprinkled with extra joy and positivity. While our days may not always follow the fairy tale script we imagined, as Rei pointed out, let's just welcome the sweet surprises each day brings and enjoy today.



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