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Rei Germar shows off her chic ballerina aesthetic for her barenbliss campaign and we’re loving it!

In the world of beauty brand and influencer collaborations, barenbliss and Rei Germar continue to set the bar high with their latest campaign. After showing off her sophisticated peachy vibes in a previous barenbliss photoshoot, Rei now brings us into her chic ballerina aesthetic. In this newest shoot, she showcases two barenbliss products that stepped up her lashes and brow game– the Roll To Volume Mascara and Like A Pro Durabrow. 

Now, these two barenbliss aren't just your average beauty finds. The Roll To Volume Mascara is all about giving your lashes the lift they deserve, making your eyes the focal point of your look. Meanwhile, the Like A Pro Durabrow Pomade is Rei's not-so-secret weapon for achieving those bold, yet natural-looking brows that are vlog and Instagram-worthy.

Roll To Volume Mascara

Infused with Polypeptide, a nourishing formula that maintains healthy eyelashes. It also volumizes the lashes up to 24H. With its thick-rectangular bristles brush, it creates a seamless lifting and fanning out every single lash. Applying the Roll To Volume Masacara to the lashes in a zig-zag motion will help you achieve natural thicker-looking lashes from root to tip.

Like A Pro Durabrow Pomade

A creamy formula that adheres more than powder and is softer than pencil. Sculpting, defining, and controlling the thickness of your brows are made easy because of its soft built-in angled brush. Powdered by Ultra-seal technology, Hexapeptide Vitamin E, and 3x Nourishing Oils, this smudge-proof and long-lasting pomade will nourish, strengthen, and smoothen your brows. Like A Pro Durabrow Pomade is also known as a 2-in-1 multitasker since it can be used not just as a brow pomade but as an eyeliner too. 

So, if you're up to elevate your lashes and brow game, make sure to check out barenbliss' Roll To Volume Mascara and Like A Pro Durabrow Pomade. Both products are available in barenbliss’ online and offline stores, better grab yours now!

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Watsons and SM Beauty 


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