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RIIZE’s Anton DGAF about ‘Nepo Baby’ Comments

With K-pop’s 5th gen ruling and TikTok reigning supreme, the norm of idols engaging with fans, let alone challenging critics, is deemed unconventional.

But then, there’s RIIZE’s Anton, disrupting the norm with his audacious engagement style, demolishing traditional idol-fan barriers. 

It’s not a hidden fact that Anton’s father is none other than Lee Yoon Sang—a famous South Korean composer, record producer, singer, and songwriter.

Despite receiving praise for his collaborative performance with his father at MBC, Anton faced criticism labeled as a “NEPO BABYYY.”

Instead of letting the comment go, Anton took a different approach, responding cleverly and authentically with a quote, “born this way by lady gaga.”

The unexpected reply not only showcased the “Talk Saxy” performer’s quick wit but also established him as an idol unafraid to address the stereotypes surrounding him. 

His unapologetic approach not only challenges the status quo but also thrusts K-pop into a bold era where artists dare to embrace unabashed individuality. 

With that, it’s just right to stream their group’s latest song, “Love 119,” and witness the embodiment of this fearless spirit in their music and beyond. 



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