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Rising Artist Luis 'Bugs' Del Rosario Gets Unfiltered in Latest Love Anthem 'Tatted'

In the dim light of a quiet evening, you sit with the weight of a weathered book in your hands. Its cover, once inviting, now bears the scars of countless journeys flipped through its pages. Despite its worn appearance and the fading beauty of its story, you cling to it with a silent reverence.

Yet, still, you cannot bring yourself to let go.

For within these tattered pages lie not just a story, but a home of memories. And this is what the emerging R&B artist Luis “Bugs” Del Rosario wants to relay through his latest love anthem, “Tatted.”

In his first release of 2024, Bugs explores the complexity of emotional attachment, likening it to being bound to another despite experiencing pain and hurt. This thematic depth reflects Bugs’ consistent approach to his music since his debut in 2020, where he has woven together diverse emotions and experiences like a “patchwork quilt.”

“My music is like a patchwork quilt, woven together from bits and pieces of my life experiences, dreams, and late-night musings,” he quips. “It’s a blend of soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a sprinkle of that raw, unfiltered emotion that we all know and love.”

The lyrics of “Tatted” draw parallels to the attachment one feels towards the characters and familiar plot twists within the book, mirroring the reluctance to let go and venture into the uncharted territory of starting anew. 

“Tatted hits home for me,” the “Pahinga” singer expresses, further sharing that the track originated from casual music-making sessions at home. “The track was born when me and Fern were just making music at home. When Fern created the beat, it automatically connected with me. While I was writing the initial melody of the track, I realized that Kyleaux would be best to finish the track with me.”

Passing it to Kyleaux proved fruitful, as his verse injected the song with his style and energy, adding tunes and melodies that seemed to transcend time and underscore the universal nature of human emotions.

Parcinq sat down with Bugs to delve deeper into his passion for music and get to know him better.

Q. From your first single to Tatted, how has it been like?

Bugs: “My first release goes way back during Pandemic (2020). I took a leap of faith and I was blessed enough to have the Kindred team be my mentors when I started. Since my first release, I was lucky enough to land a spot on articles and be a cover of spotify playlists. My only goal was to share my music to listeners who can relate to heartbreak and love based on my personal experience. My music journey is tough and it’s getting tougher but I’m loving every second of it.”

Q. For those who have just discovered your music, what song do you recommend they start listening to? Why?

Bugs: “Most people love listening to Pahinga since it’s a tagalog track with Kenneth Amores and Papayasoak. Personally, I love singing Empty since it really resonates with the feeling of heartache and pain. Pahinga and Empty belong on the opposite sides of the pendulum but both are my favorite tracks.”

Q. What’s the best thing about making music?

Bugs: “Aside from the continuous growth I get from creating music, I love the new people I meet that have the same energy and passion as I do. It’s good for my soul to connect with people who are both passionate and hardworking – it drives me more. To add, when I see people sing my songs, I have this huge feeling of success that I’m doing the right thing. It’s good to see that I also connect to people with my music.”

Q. Artists you would like to collaborate with, and why?

Bugs: “I stay to my word that it would be a complete 360 if I get to collaborate with my mentors (Kindred) on a track. I always have this longing to prove that I am able to hone the skills they taught me and share it now with them.”



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