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SB19’s Josh Cullen Reinvents Himself as a Pop Star with Debut Single “WILD TONIGHT”

SB19’s JOSH CULLEN steps out on his own as a solo artist inspired by neo-gothic elements and Victorian motifs. The Filipino pop/hip-hop star is ready to make headlines with the release of “WILD TONIGHT,” his new single under Sony Music Entertainment.

Packing a punch with innovative production and trap-laden beats, JOSH CULLEN’s debut offering is about letting loose and breaking free from the ties that bind you.

According to the talented artist, the song gives him the opportunity to take ownership of his craft. “The song is edgier and more provocative, and it's a true reflection of my own personal style and creative vision,” Cullen adds. “Overall, I feel excited and fulfilled to be taking this journey of growth and discovery.”

Written and produced by JOSH CULLEN himself with Ocho, The Bullet, “WILD TONIGHT” combines elements of EDM, pop, and hip-hop with a dash of vampire slice. Josh initially thought of making a banger that people can enjoy, whether clubbing or chilling alone. “WILD TONIGHT” is the result of this artistic pursuit: a pulse of liberating joy that reveals a facet of Cullen’s personality beyond celebrityhood and public perception.

“First of all, it’s all me,” he asserts. “While I love working with my bandmates and creating music as a group, this solo project has given me the chance to showcase my true self.”

Josh acknowledges that he is heavily involved in the creative process, from brainstorming and refining music ideas to writing lyrics and composing melodies, and even getting himself into co-producing the material with his cousin.

“I make sure that it aligns with the way I want it to be,” the young multi-hyphenate shares. “I take pride in the fact that I'm the driving force behind my own creative vision. I have the trait of being a control freak. When I have an idea, I want it to be executed exactly as I envisioned it, to the point where I almost feel like I'm ‘meddling’ with the different teams that work with me. But I consider myself fortunate and grateful, because they were extremely understanding and supportive of my artistic endeavors."

Apart from the music-making aspects of the track, Josh also oversees the choreography and creative direction for the music video of “WILD TONIGHT,” a brooding visual spectacle that pushes the boundaries of his work. The music video takes an inside look at the lifestyle of a rich vampire royalty inspired by the character of Nosferatu. Known for its immortality, the vampire character was shown in different incarnations: from his early years living in a Victorian mansion to enjoying the modern club life like every human does.

The MV also features cameo appearances by members of various P-Pop groups such as KAIA, 1st. One and DIONE.

Collaborating with a handful of trusted people for his visuals, the lead rapper of SB19 accomplishes something that is uniquely his: a captivating character that is equal parts dark and light, affirming his position as a chameleonic star with sinister edge and thought-provoking ideas.

JOSH CULLEN’s “WILD TONIGHT” is out on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.



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