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Secret Invasion: A Halloween Special

“There is an impostor among us.”

It's Halloween Spirit Weekend, so don't let the gloomy forecast keep you from having a good time! Say hello to these SIX fresh and newcomers in the biz. With makeup artist Nadynne Esguerra and hairstylist Arthur Tolentino, we've conjured up some bewitching concepts for All Hallow's Eve. And to complete their transformation, each look is paired with an outfit from Kaye Morales' F/W22 collection.

Jorel at VMG Models Asia

Jorel as Tate Langdon, and he'll give you nightmares in the Murder House.

Benny at New Monarq

Benny as an Extra Terrestrial Being and he comes in peace.

Gellert at Mercator Models

Gellert as a Vampire and his skin sparkles in the sunlight.

Max at Farah Models

Max as DC’s Joker and he’s not crying over spilled milk.

Moss at Mercator Models

Moss as a Werewolf, waiting for the full moon.

Archer at New Monarq

Archer as the Sub-Mariner fighting over the Kingdom of Wakanda


Photography and Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Makeup by Nadynne Esguerra

Hair by Arthur Tolentino

Featuring Models Moss at Mercator Models, Gellert at Mercator Models, Max at Farh Models, Jorel at VMG, Archer, and Benny at New Monarq MNL.

Featuring Fashion from Kaye Morales



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