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Shine in Pink: KAIA Members Showcase their Pink Power with barenbliss

barenbliss’ 'Pink Power’ Campaign reminds everyone to stand tall, embrace boldness, and let their inner power shine. Like a rose in full bloom, pink symbolizes the harmonious blend of beauty, strength, and charm that resides within every individual. A color that effortlessly intertwines delicateness and allure, reminding us that femininity can be a force to be reckoned with.

Joining the campaign is the five-member Ppop Girl Group, KAIA. Sophia, Charlotte, Charice, Angela, and Alexa show us the power of beauty in all its forms, and how it can be used to empower others.

Their Queen cards never decline. Check out the cover stars of our #TheCoolGirlsIssue using barenbliss lip products!

Embody Charice’s sweet charm by topping your look with Cherry Makes Cheerful Lip Velvet

Channel Sophia's preppy style naturally with the Full Bloom Transferproof Matte Tint

Embrace the clean girl look just like Angela by using the Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint.

Emulate Charlotte’s edgy look with the touch of Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte

Strut on your inner rockstar with the Cherry Makes Cheerful Lip Velvet, just like Alexa.

barenbliss also announced their Super Brand Day Sale on Tiktok Shop, which is only going on for a few days (July 26–28) where you can get up to 50% off on their products. There are freebies worth up to 1,000 and an exclusive giveaway.

You can also join the ‘Pink Power’ Campaign and get a chance to win an exclusive gift box from their TikTok Shop Super Brand Day Giveaway. Just post a Tiktok video showing your ‘Pink Power’ Moves. You can dance, sing, or even just share your day-to-day life. Just feature at least 1 barenbliss product and use the hashtag #BNBPinkPower & #TiktokSuperBrandDay



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