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Showtime, Synergy: OV CUNT and Prince Showcase their Truly Outrageous Drag Transformation

As we celebrate Pride Month, PARCINQ got to chat with drag queens OV CUNT and Prince as they shared their meticulous transformation from butches to queens— imparting stories and meaningful messages relating to Pride Month.

In Photo (L&R): Drag Queens OV CUNT & Prince

Our queens serving Cruella De Vil realness.


"We all started as amateurs, but look at us now." The love for makeup and meeting drag personalities made Prince and OV CUNT (stylized as ØV CÜNT) shape the career they are pursuing now. Both of them started from nothing but shaped their interest into lifelong endeavors. "I'll do drag for as long as it doesn't feel like work because this is my passion and art," OV CUNT shared.


"Drag has no gender." Prince said that he did not feel like making a drag personality because he is out and open about his sexuality. OV CUNT's drag persona speaks otherwise, though. Well, that's the thing about gender fluidity and doing drag: you can be anything you want! They are blank canvases, waiting to be painted extraordinarily. 💅🏻


"It's magic and mystery." Getting into drag showed a different tone of personality for our drag queens. Being Prince and OV CUNT, they extend the colorful spectrum of their life through drag. They are able to represent the unexplored sides of themselves, the sides that others don't know, and the sides that they love now, more than anything.

It will never be black and white, it's a whole spectrum of colors representing them as individuals.


"Pride is a revolution; it is a protest," our drag queens make a statement with glossed lips. They speak up on behalf of the whole community while recognizing the efforts of those who paved the way for the LGBTQIA+ to be in a safer space now. "Colors of pride should be celebrated all-year-round and not only in June," Prince added.


"Keep drag alive! Despite the background noise, be proud of putting on a show as a drag queen." Shine without hesitation. Drag is evolving, making its future bright and alive. Our drag queens take pride in what they do while inspiring others. The two queens left a message to aspiring queens and young members of the LGBTQIA+ community, "You matter, you are valid." 🏳️‍🌈

__ Words by Anna Fregillana (@annafregillana) Photography by Rxandy Capinpin (@rxandy) Art Direction & Final Art by Joe Andy (@heyjoeandy)

Styling by Paul Sese (@paulxsese), Bryan Laroza (@iambryanlaroza) and Ryuji Shiomitsu (@ryujishiomits) of (@teamryujishiomitsu) #TeamRyujiShiomitsu



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