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SKIN CARE ALERT: Luxe Organix’s Acne Care Line is Now Dermatologically Tested and Certified!

Nowadays, skin care is ultimately our generation’s version of self-care. That's why it’s important we factor in the type of products we should use in our everyday skin care routine. At the end of the day, skin care is very personal and what works for others, doesn’t always mean it would work well for you, and just because certain skin care products get good reviews, saying it’s good, doesn’t always mean it went through rigorous tests to ensure the formula being used are safe for the skin—dermatologically tested.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of science, Luxe Organix’s Acne Care Line is now dermatologically tested. Dermatologists like Dr. Drolah Sanchez, Dr. Bea Maxine Chan, and Dr. Kei Rebolleda explained the importance of the seal of approval from the KC Skin Research Center in South Korea. “Some products can cause irritation and allergic reactions, so if it’s derma tested, it’s definitely safe for people with sensitive skin,” Dr. Drolah shares at the event.

The exclusive seal from experts is a nod to the company’s vision that ensures all products are suitable and safe for sensitive skin. All of Luxe Organix’s products were tested in their final form assessing each and every potential that might cause irritation and sensitization (allergic reactions) on the skin.

This announcement follows the company’s mission of providing every Filipino customer with high-quality products at affordable price points, “At Luxe Organix we pride ourselves on extensive scientific rigor when it comes to developing a new product,” said Mr. Eugene T. Yap, CEO of Genson Distribution, Inc. “We are committed to providing holistic Filipina beauties with clinic-grade skincare products that are highly effective and give great value for money,” Yap ended in a statement.

For more information about Genson Distribution Inc., visit ( You can also check out LUXE ORGANIX on their social media pages. FB ( | IG: @luxeorganixph |TikTok: (

LUXE ORGANIX is a brand name under Genson Distribution Inc. carrying a wide array of other products in its portfolio like Deonat, Love Supplements, Perfect Smile, Mediheal, and Tiger Balm.



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