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Some P-pop B-sides and Special Singles to Vibe this Valentine’s Season

Sure, you’ve likely heard most of the top title tracks on Spotify charts, over the radio, or on TikTok. Perhaps you’ve even felt like doing some virtual island hopping, immersing yourself in songs like Pantropiko, SSP, Patintero, and Loka. 

But beyond their title tracks, their B-sides and special singles offer more—well, probably for Valentine’s month. So, cruising February with some of them is a great way to set the mood. Here’s our curated list of some heartwarming and heart-popping P-pop songs on our radar (feel free to add more!).

“Miss Na Kita” VXON ft. Zephanie

Have we truly moved on? Fresh from its release, this slow track leaves us with thoughts of “what ifs” and the hopeful yet painful words of “miss na kita.” 

“Here With You” BINI

For friends, family, or your partner, assure them that you will always stay by their side, no matter what happens.

“Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi” BINI

And if we’re with that someone, it’s really best to stay with them forever and say, “huwag muna tayong umuwi.”

“Liham” SB19

Time to send those love letters and express our emotions and promises of unconditional love.

“Best Day Ever” AJAA

A lively and fun B-side from AJAA, the song is sure to bring a smile to our faces for a best day ever!


“KNT (Kanta ng Tanga)” VXON

We haven’t really moved on! It seems like VXON has been releasing bops after bops. This one’s our favorite!


Ano ba ang dapat gawin? Drowning in verses, the lyrics narrate the beautiful chaos of falling in love.

"Sa Panaginip Na Lang" ALAMAT

This song always gets us. If dreaming means being with our loved ones, then let's sleep some more.

“Dalawa Remix” KAIA

The original version had us in a chokehold, but this rendition is simply something else!

“Shining Star” PLUUS

I think I like you, and we’re pretty sure we also like this song! It just feels like we’re floating up in the universe after listening to PLUUS. 

“Be Mine” BGYO Akira and JL

Claiming hearts with each beat, ToreMori are here to love and serve us unconditionally.

“Make Me Better” Daydream

Despite the red flags, we still want them. Are we even sure we want to proceed? Daydream asks. 

“Musika” G22

Our Female Alpha’s take on Dionela’s hit makes us fall in love even more.

“Your Love” 1st.One

Who would've thought that we could groove to the classic “Your Love”? This revival is a delightful surprise from 1st.One!

“Alon” VER5US

End the list with an upbeat single and let’s dance our way into sweeter melodies, like VER5US’s “Alon.”

The list doesn’t end here; there are still a lot more P-pop gems waiting to be discovered. But for now, let hearts soar and moments float with these tunes to celebrate the Valentine’s season. Have any songs to add to the playlist? Mention them in the comments, and we’ll keep track!



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