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Sony Music Philippines Launches New Christian label ‘WATERWALK RECORDS’

The Philippines is a musically rich country, well known for showcasing the best of Christian music in Southeast Asia. In fact, the country has been known to be the Heartbeat of Christian Music in Asia. This is because of the faith-filled music produced by local Filipino musicians and bands alike.

Filipino artists from a variety of popular genres recently joined the launch of WATERWALK RECORDS. This label is focused on bringing fresh Christian music to a new, streaming generation.

Hoping to create an environment where Christian artists can make their music heard, the new record label features some of the biggest names in the Philippine music industry, including internationally recognized artists like Morissette, Stell of globally renowned group SB19, and Nathan Huang (of hip-hop/soul outfit Mercury). They're also home to up-and-coming artists like Janine Danielle, Taiwanese artist Ariel Tsai, and more.

WATERWALK RECORDS is anticipated to release its 12 tracks within this year.

Asia's Phoenix, better known by the artist name Morissette, will release her first single for the label on October 28. The song, "Waterwalk" will be released on the same day. "Mapayapa" - a collaborative project between Christian worship band Gloryfall and singer/songwriter Hazel Faith- will be released on October 30.

"I am thrilled to be taking part in Sony Music's new Christian label and get to share, and sing, of the word of God and all His great works," Morissette's open statements. "It's only been a couple of years since I've made the decision to really follow Jesus and one thing I can really attest to is that we just need to trust Him in everything. I've been through some very challenging times too, especially during this season, but it's His grace that saves me and keeps me going, His love that comforts and protects me, and His promise that I will always keep in my heart. The track Waterwalk portrays all of that, and a reminder that what He has done for His people then, He will also do for His people now, we need only to anchor on to Him."

Jericho Arceo, rapper and actor, and Stell of SB19, who's the P-pop star you know from hit groups like SB19, are coming together to release a single. Jericho is well known for making viral videos on social media and appearing in The World Between Us, while Stell is embarking on his first solo venture by collaborating with Arceo.

In another first, Nathan Huang from the band ‘of Mercury’ (formerly known as Nathan & Mercury) will also have his first solo venture through the label and will collaborate with Darla Baltazar, who was recently featured as one of the 16 Artists to Watch on the international website The Gospel Coalition.

Janine Danielle, a worship leader from Favor Church, will be singing a track written and produced by one of Spotify’s most-followed Filipino artists, Moira Dela Torre. Along with her husband, Jason Hernandez, Moira is known for producing many of the songs in our playlist. The lineup also features singles from beloved worship leaders from churches around the Philippines: Lee Simon Brown (from Victory Worship), Cola Cabalcar, Kent Charcos, Cherise Katriel, and Sam&Steff.

To underscore the rich music culture in this region, WATERWALK RECORDS will feature a single by popular Taiwanese musician and pianist Ariel Tsai, signed under Sony Music Taiwan.

“In the Philippines, Christian music emerges from daily life and is a reflection of the country’s rich culture,” said Roslyn Pineda, General Manager, Sony Music Philippines. “Pop music inspired by Christian melodies has arguably created some of the most interesting music in recent years. It’s a diverse genre full of talented artists who use faith as a regular way of connecting with people. WATERWALK RECORDS has huge opportunities to grow as we work with talented artists such as Morissette, Gloryfall and Hazel Faith, and others to bring their music to fans all across Asia”.

Expect to refuel your faith by listening to these 12 soundtracks that will complete this year.

For more updates on the new tracks, artists, and upcoming events, please follow Waterwalk Records



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