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Stray Kids’ Felix Makes Debut on Louis Vuitton Runway at Paris Fashion Week

Photo from Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Definitely a 5-STAR!

Paris Fashion Week 2024 welcomed a fresh yet familiar face from the K-pop scene onto the runway: Stray Kids’ very own Felix.

Stepping into the spotlight at Louis Vuitton’s Fall Winter 2024 show, Felix’s debut on the runway was nothing short of impeccable and memorable—it can rightfully be called ‘THAT’ Felix moment.

Sporting an ensemble that blended sophistication with a touch of avant-garde flair, the K-pop idol confidently strutted down the runway in a textured white turtleneck, paired with sleek white and silver pants. His signature platinum blonde locks added an ethereal charm to the overall look.

K-pop fans flooded X (formerly Twitter) with expressions of excitement and pride, celebrating Felix’s journey from a Korean Australian artist to the multifaceted global icon he is today. And the sight of Blackpink’s Lisa flashing that cute smile? It just screams supportive!

Felix’s venture into the world of high fashion began with his partnership with Louis Vuitton as an ambassador in 2023. He even walked alongside Squid Game star Hoyeon Jung.

However, we like to believe that Stray Kids members are making waves across the fashion world. In Paris, I.N made a statement at Alexander McQueen, while Seungmin caught attention at the Loewe show. Meanwhile, over in Milan, Hyunjin turned heads at Versace and even snapped some photos with fellow attendee and international icon Anne Hathaway.



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