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Summer Comeback: CineKabalen Makes A Virtual Splash

The cooler, chiller Aring Sinukwan is here with his watchlist!

A FEAST OF FILMS! With the summertime peaking soon, swim through unique visions and unforgettable narratives this April from the regions' boldest storytellers. In this special edition, CineKabalen Film Festival 8.5 wants YOU to have fun under the sun! Abandon formalities as it's time to hit uncharted waters and embrace the heatwave. After the unfortunate postponement of the festival last year (pandemic's a bummer!), CineKabalen returns at last, even better with the banner: "Here Comes Sinukwan."

You might have seen the fresher and trendier Aring Sinukwan on Facebook. He flaunts a cozy hoodie matched with shades and a pair of earphones. Wondering, why? Tradition and modernity coalesce as the presence of the mythic Sinukwan— Pampanga's cultural symbol— reaches your digital screens. CineKabalen is logging in to premiere the safest and largest platform most accessible to many: online streaming.

Press play?

All chill, just watch. Partnering with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), CineKabalen is the pioneering regional film festival and non-FDCP festival to screen via FDCP Channel FOR FREE.

Beat the quarantine-boredom and have a trip to the countryside by accessing the festival's selection starting April 14 to April 21, 2021! Feeling a little deprived story-wise? Satisfy your cinematic hunger with this year's exciting roster of films without the need to leave your home. This special edition of CineKabalen allows international audiences to watch as well because it can be streamed globally.

Think about all the provincial piyestas (fiestas) you've been in and let CineKabalen take you on a journey: a melting pot of cultures among communities and a plateful of genuine stories. Considered as the Main Competition of CKFF, the Kapampangan Category consists of seven (7) films, showcasing the picturesque landscape of Pampanga and the colorful Kapampangan psyche.

“Amigo” by JL Mallari (City of San Fernando)

“Kalinguan Tane Ing Lutu Nang Ima” by EJ Gagui (Minalin)

“Mipasoso” by Raven Manalese (Bacolor)

“Amigo” by JL Mallari (City of San Fernando)

“Quing Lalam Ning Aldo” by Red Fajardo (Floridablanca) “Saingsing” by Chic Mirano (Sta. Rita)

"Sangkan" by Morissey Hans (City of San Fernando) "Yellow" by Stephen Canlas (Mabalacat City)

Having broken boundaries before, CineKabalen is also launching this year its first-ever Central Luzon Category to give opportunity for filmmakers from the said region. Another set of seven (7) films are competing, exhibiting the distinct stories found in what we know as the Rice Granary of the Philippines:

“Ang Huling Hantungan” by Vahn Pascual (Bulacan)

“Babuyan” by Aaron Alsol (Bulacan)

“Coda” by Tristan Castañeda (Bulacan)

“Habulan” by Rey Tamayo, Jr. (Bulacan) “Home for the Ages” by Yuuka Tanaka (Pampanga)

“Huling Hiling” by Mika Ancheta (Pampanga) “Kibo” by Jay Francis Letrillard (Bulacan)

Bring out the festivities! CKFF's here and Sinukwan is making his most thrilling comeback yet. Sun's up, and the tides are rising. But with CKFF, you can never go dry, bored... or hungry! There is something for you to see and keep you afloat. Dive in and sink your teeth into these films for FREE as they make the biggest splash right on your screens.

Cool yourself down as we reveal other short films you can stream soon. For more details, like and follow CineKabalen's official Facebook page.

Words by JP Rodriguez for CineKabalen Film Festival



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