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Sunghyuk on Exploring His Passion and Versatility On and Off The Stage

As I see Sunghyuk strike a pose in front of the camera, he shows off his sweet yet fierce demeanor with his poise and confidence. With hazy eyes and a bright smile, his dreamy visual exhibits a boy-next-door aura smitten to us.

Being the lead vocalist of the group, he never gets on stage without flaunting how warm and powerful his vocals are. Leaving SODAs and even non-fans get drawn to him from the very first note. But besides Sunghyuk's well-rounded skills and ethereal image, he is still far different from what we think he is. Now, it is time to show SODAs what charm and wit Sunghyuk can deliver.

Beneath this surface, Sunghyuk is a versatile performer who truly has the power to inspire the youth. He has always been a devoted dreamer, and with his past experiences as a trainee and idol, he is not scared to reveal how he faces difficulties and how he overcomes them as he returns to being an idol again. Now, that's a passion we’re talking about, another check on the list of why he is worthy to stan.

Below, Sunghyuk sits down to tell PARCINQ his goals for his future endeavors and his message to young passionate dreamers like him.

Q. Any message would you like to share with young dreamers who would like to become an idol too?

Sunghyuk: As a young dreamer, it’s really cool and amazing to be able to decide on something you like and really sweat and work hard for it. There will certainly be difficult times, but if you believe in yourself and overcome them, you will surely see the light someday. Stay strong, fighting!

Q. What song from your album do you think associates with you the most?

Sunghyuk: Our Youth! I can relate the most with the lyrics that Jaejun hyung conveyed to SODA.

Q. You have always been a charismatic performer; what side of you do you want SODAs to see more of?

Sunghyuk: Charismatic on stage, but also very soft and lovable off stage! Please continue to support me!

Q. Your charm is that your personality is different from how you appear. Why is that?

Sunghyuk: Contrary to what I look like, I actually like playing around. Charismatic on stage but off the stage, I show a lot. It’s all charisma on stage, but off the stage, I show a lot of mischiefs. I think SODAs also like it when I show totally different sides of myself.

Q. You have a habit of exploring good restaurants. What food did you enjoy in the Philippines?

Sunghyuk: There was a lot of food that I liked, so it’s hard to mention only one. Crispy Pata was good! I also liked mango shakes, garlic rice, Jollibee, etc. Every meal that I had was really good.

Q. What endeavors do you want to try next?

Sunghyuk: We came to the Philippines to do a fan meeting, but I really want to have our concert the next time we come here!!


Full Credits:

Photography by RXANDY CAPINPIN

Art Direction by JOE ANDY


Fashion Film by IAN FRANCISCO

Camera Operator POGS FRANCISCO



Shot on Location B&B STUDIOS

Ranque Styling Team

Head Stylist MARK RANQUE

Associate Stylists SUYA LEE, JIYONG PARK




Hair and Make-Up by NARIN KIM and DAYEONG LEE

Project Coordination by MA. ESTELA LUCENA NERI

Interview Translations by HANNAH GRACE BALTAZAR

Special Thanks to ShowBT Korea, SBTown, and Think Entertainment.

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Lucas de Siqueira
Lucas de Siqueira
12 dic 2022

I love him so much. Thank you for the interview.

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