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The New Muse: Darren Espanto Takes Over The Anniversary Issue

Taking reign and staking a claim, singer Darren Espanto is on the road to a new era. From competition shows to climbing the top of the Philippine charts, Darren first made his showbiz breakthrough at the mere age of 13 through “The Voice Kids Philippines,” earning him a runner-up place. It’s been a whole seven years ago since he packed his bags from his hometown in Canada to move to the Philippines to pursue his dreams yet his passion for the stage shines brighter than ever before.

Self-titled albums, sold-out concerts, acting gigs, and some pretty nifty awards later, the now 20-year-old comes with bold new visions of where to go from there and what other sides he can show to the audience.

Grown but not forgotten. Mature but not ungrounded. Reminiscing with a sense of fondness but prying to the future with no room for the nostalgic.

They say in order to bloom; you must grow. And with all these years in the limelight plus the much-needed R&R in Canada, Darren is back again to show a mature image we haven’t seen before. An image, as to say: It’s about time we move forward.

So, what’s next for Darren? He’s stroking the flames, making the next big move, and stepping into a new phase of his life. And he does all this at the cusp of PARCINQ’s The Anniversary Issue. He fronts the cover as if to give the message: Time didn’t pass us by. We’re the ones closing old chapters and kicking into the new ones.

The Anniversary Issue

Eleven issues later, it’s been a journey through the triumphs and tribulations, the bleak and effervescent, the unyielding and foreboding. But through the pandemic woes, the drive to keep growing and keep creating keeps us going. Anniversaries mark both the lens of the past and the start of a new beginning. So, what better person to mark new loves while stroking old flames with Darren Espanto?

And this is just a glimpse; wait ‘til you see the rest of what’s in-store.


Produced by Philip Vargas

Photography and Creative direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Styling by Rodel Brinas

Hair and Makeup by Mycke Arcano

Final Art and Editing by Joe Andy

Cover Story by Marielle Filoteo

Fashion film and video editing by Christina Zabat

Special Thanks to Christine Alonzo, Jhacky Lou, and UMUSIC Philippines



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