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The Other Side of Red Velvet: 10 B-Sides That Deserve a Spot on Your Playlist

A quick dive into Red Velvet’s unmatched repertoire of B-Side tracks.

After over a year of hiatus, the queens of K-pop are finally coming back. South Korean girl group Red Velvet has one of the most diverse discographies that perfectly hit the middle ground of leveling to mainstream tastes while experimenting with their musical range. Through their vibrant Pop ‘red’ side and lush R&B ‘velvet’ side, they’re not afraid to push the boundary to show different sides of their charm.

Behind the title tracks, Red Velvet are B-Side queens with hidden gems sprinkled throughout each album. So while you’re waiting for their long-awaited comeback, here are a few of their B-side tracks that you need to put on your playlist now.

1. Somethin Kinda Crazy From Ice Cream Cake (2015)

Ice Cream Cake is a sweet first look into the group, but with Somethin Kinda Crazy, it takes the sweet and makes it soulful. It’s a track filled with soft yet powerful harmonies to capture the vibe of love that feels too good to be true.

2. Day1 From The Red (2015) ● Don’t be fooled by the first few notes; this upbeat song is not the slow ballad you think it is. With its chippy, flirty melody, Day 1 reads almost like an opening for a high school shoujo anime. Through its quirky additions of beats in between, it sets listeners to the puppy love situation from their youth.

3. Bad Dracula From Russian Roulette (2016) Bad Dracula is the type of song that’s hard to put into words, but I can say this: Red Velvet (and their producers) sure had a lot of fun making it. The track gives off such a bubbly, whimsical vibe with all the snappy adlibs, sonic beats, and funny vampire storyline behind it all.

4. Talk To Me From Rookie (2017) Talk To Me is a bouncy, upbeat track that is so undeniably catchy to the ear and gets you swooning. A little reminder to early Ariana Grande music; it's a very playful song through its flirty vocals and throwback R&B. Perfect vibe to the sweet feelings of wishing your crush would just talk to you.

5. Kingdom Come From Perfect Velvet (2017) Perfect Velvet is a standout album from beginning to end, but Kingdom Come manages to make it a religious experience. With such a layered song, it’s a cut above the rest and showcases the Red Velvet experience at its most mature, sophisticated, and at its best.

6. I Just From Perfect Velvet (2017) ● Another track off of Perfect Velvet, I Just is a deceptively bouncy and spirited track with vocals and lyrics that feel almost desperate and pleading. It’s one of Red Velvet’s more emotional types of songs as it talks of old scars and running away from painful memories.

7. Blue Lemonade From Summer Magic (2018) ● Red Velvet are arguably THE summer queens of K-pop, and Blue Lemonade is no exception to their summer hits. Like the drink, this EDM track is such an unabashedly light and refreshing song to lift your spirits throughout the season. If you’re in need of something feel-good, this is the ultimate song for a quick serotonin boost. 8. Taste From RBB (2018) ● Reminiscent to old-school hip hop, Taste is channeling some serious ‘90s flavor with all the synth, clattering drums, and groovy textures. The tempo is slow, yet the vocal delivery goes in so many directions, and at times, its flow gives off an almost “rapper tone.” A perfect funky track to get you moving.

9. Sappy From Sappy (2019) ● Let’s face it, Red Velvet’s Japanese EPs don’t get enough love. Although a title track, Sappy is in dire need of shine as the group does not skimp on their Japanese songs at all. With the brass instrumentation and heart-pumping beats, it’s a song that exists to hype you up.

10. La Rouge (Special Track) From The ReVe Festival: Finale (2019) La Rouge is a special track to the album, yet it's such a perfect finale to sum up the trilogy of The ReVe Festival. This funky jazz number is such a fun yet sultry song that’s hard to miss. And honestly, any song that gets the girls belting some serious vocals is a number one in our book.



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