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The Surprising Truth About the New Issy & Co. Collection

Oops, they did it again! Issy & Co. just released a new collection that will surely give us a fresh-faced realness and we can’t express enough how excited we are to write about this!

With the launch of their two new products, Issy & Co. reinvents beauty made easy! The duo Sylvina Lopez from Slomakeup and Joel Andrade, the creative director of Issy & Co., introduced the contemporary culture of Skinimalism with their active skin tint and weightless loose powder.

Now, let’s get down to the specifics of Active Skin Tint and Weightless Loose Powder!

Active Skin Tint

With a total of six different shades to cater to a wide range of skin tones, the product is to be a triple threat! With beauty made easy, the Active Skin Tint evens out your color, works as a sunscreen, and can be a moisturizer all in one. Overall, it's a "do it all" product. Active Skin Tint is also water-based and dries relatively quickly.

Active Skin Tint also contains a lot of active ingredients for a busy life! The selection of the components is for all skin types. Inside is Niacinamide vitamin d3 which helps regulate your oil and acts as a hydrating bomb!

For only P499 per 45ml bottle, you’ll get to treat your skin with a healthy cosmetic product and bring out the beauty in you.

Weightless Loose Powder

The talc-free Weightless Loose Powder uses a combination of matcha and cornstarch to do the trick. Aside from this, Issy & Co. came up with three finishing touches. With everything combined, Weightless Loose powder removes the greasiness from your skin but retains a natural shine.

Issy & Co. came with a colorless powder, and this way, it can adjust to all skin types! It also gives a matte finish that perfectly works with camera flash. With its light-reflecting properties, it works well in limited and low-light areas when applied to your skin. Of course, it works better in the light, but you won't see the diamond shiner hat you get when there's a camera flash. It has that subtle reflection that won't look like a glaring highlighter, but just enough to promote your natural beauty!

Beauty products give us an extra layer of confidence. Hence, make sure that what you’re putting on your beautiful face isn’t damaging but improving your features. Issy & Co. certainly outdid themselves with the release of Beauty On The Go! With the Active Skin Tint and Weightless powder, they create a new definition of efficiency and accessibility in the world of beauty. With effective and affordable products, get your new Issy & Co. set to see how dazzling you can indeed be! Don't forget to share it on social media with the hashtag #BeautyMadeEasy!

Words by Argus Persa

Additional text by Joshua De Guzman

Photos via Issy & Co. / Philip Vargas



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