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Top 5 Local Skincare Brands for your Much-Awaited Glow-Up

Glow-ups seem to be the trend nowadays, and everyone seems to be so excited to display the dream bodies and perfect skin they now sport. And who can blame them when they worked so hard for it?

Of course, this trend of glow-ups paved the way for a variety of skincare products to emerge in the market — from treatments endorsed by our favourite K-drama stars to locally produced brands that aim to best cater to Filipinas skin.

To make choosing easier for you, we have compiled below some of the best, affordable local skincare products that you can check out in no particular order.

Snoe Beauty

Snoe Beauty was first introduced in the market in 2010. Even back then, the products of Snoe seem to be a strong Filipino competitor of its Korean counterparts, what with its quirky packaging and effective skincare and beauty products. Initially, the brand started with a line of 12 soaps but has since then expanded and now produces spritz, cleansing syrups, body tonics, and a lot more products that best work with Filipina skin.

Snoe Beauty is available online and on different e-commerce shopping platforms.

Human Nature

Who doesn’t know Human Nature? This brand has been a household name for many years now, and honestly, it deserves its recognition. Human Nature changed the game for organic products, providing the market with an affordable but outstanding natural line of skincare treatments.

Check out Human Nature’s website and look for the best skincare products for you – from head to toe.

Luxe Organix

Another local brand that has recently been making waves is Luxe Organix, a local brand that claims to provide its customers with effective Korean value skin and personal care products. Celebs and influencers alike go gaga over Luxe Organix, and why wouldn’t they when the brand produces a wide range of skincare products that use trusted skincare ingredients such as aloe vera, cica, and rosewater?

Myra Philippines

Myra Philippines is one of the country’s OG line of skincare products. Established over 40 years ago, Myra Philippines has mastered the Filipina skin and has provided local patrons with skincare products filled with vitamins and skin-loving ingredients. What’s more is that the brand also tackles skin problems from the inside, producing Vitamin-E-packed vitamins for a nourished glow from within.

Myra products are available in the nearest drug store or online via their website.

Ever Organics

Ever Bilena has always been known for its high-quality beauty products that are accessible to its market, but have you heard of Ever Organics? Ever Organics is the latest offering of Ever Belina for its customers who want to kickstart their skincare journey. Inspired by Korean skincare products, this straightforward, uncomplicated brand is cruelty- and alcohol-free and offers soothing gels, face masks, and mists.



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