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Trendsetting Looks: P-pop-Inspired Fashion for a Stylish Summer Finale

As the summer season comes to a close, it's the perfect time to find some last-minute fashion inspiration to elevate your wardrobe. And who better to turn to for sartorial inspiration than your favorite P-pop idols? With their bold fashion choices and trendsetting styles, they're the perfect muse for anyone looking to stay on-trend before this season ends.


How do you wear stripes? Don't worry, Sam knows just how to do it. To achieve a timeless and effortless look this summer, pair your striped shirt with a neutral shade and complete your outfit with the comfiest and trendiest kicks. By following Sam's lead, you can pull off this winning combination and stand out with confidence.

Button Down

Mikki's button-down shirt and cargo shorts are a match made in summer-style heaven. If you’re thinking of an effortless ensemble this summer, opt for an emerald button-down and cargo shorts and get ready to take on the day.

Tank Tops

Having a little doubt on what to wear for the beach? Worry no more because, for sure, tank tops are the best to opt for this summer. Take a cue from Franz's easy yet sophisticated look. Coordinating black tank top with a black trousers is the perfect way to do it, but breaking the shade by adding a cardigan shirt.

Slip Dress

What should you wear to a cocktail party on the beach? For a seaside soirée that calls for dressing up, Aiah's slip dress and white kicks are just the tickets.

Active Wear

Activewear is no longer just for the gym. P-pop idols like Mikha of BINI have been rocking athletic-inspired outfits like bike shorts, sports bras, and tracksuits for a trendy and comfortable look. These pieces are perfect for staying cool and comfortable during summer activities while still looking fashionable.


Florals, on the other hand, will never go out of style and they will always be trendy every summer. JP really knows how to pull a beach ensemble with his floral top.


Talk about a summertime staple! DIONE Clara's got it on lock with her sheer ruffled blouse and tie-dye skirt combo for a flirty and feminine look.


Who says denim isn't beach-appropriate? Alpha begs to differ with his fashion-forward look. Check out his patterned jeans and white shirt combo - it's a stunning choice for any beach day.


Others may prefer to opt for shorts while strolling on the beach side, but AJ for sure knows how to pull through with her cargo pants, along with a graphic crop top shirt. Remember to accessorize it with a belt to give the perfect look.

Bold Color

Wearing a dress to the beach might be overwhelming, but with the right color combination, you've got it. Take ideas from DK's ruffled dress and matching stilettos in the shade of chrome, remember that it’s all about the palette.

Knitted Pieces

When you want to maintain looking classy while at the beach, consider wearing a knitted piece. Jayson understands how to sail in style with his stylish outfit. A knitted top in two shades and to make the perfect palette, pair it with white trousers.


Why settle with different fabrics this summer, if you can have tulle? Just like Stell, he made tulle a summer piece that we can use. Layering his tulle long-sleeve with his white tank top along with denim trousers is for sure a winning combination.

Whether you're rocking bold colors, oversized clothing, or knitted pieces, there's a P-pop-inspired style for everyone. So embrace yourself, and remember to get ready to slay this summer!



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