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Unparalleled: Some Disney-esque Tracks by Janella Salvador You Need to Hear

We’re likely accustomed to seeing Janella Salvador grace our screens, naturally showcasing her acting mettle. From her rise to fame as the “maarte” Nikki Grace Lim in Be Careful with My Heart to embodying this generation’s horror princess in The Killer Bride and Mallari, among others, she proves to be a gem with unparalleled versatility.

Building on this, she’s set to appear alongside Thai superstar Win Metawin in the April 2024 film “Under Parallel Skies” directed by Sigrid Bernardo, the teaser of which has already been released today. 

Beyond her acting talent, it’s easy to overlook that Janella is also a singer, bestowed with the title of OPM’s Pop Sweetheart. And being the sweetheart that she is, some of her songs evoke the melodies of a true Disney princess.

“How Far I’ll Go”

Well, technically, she became one in 2016 when she was chosen to sing a version of “How Far I’ll Go,” the theme song of Disney’s Moana for the film’s local release. With 51 million views as of now, it solidifies Janella’s status as someone who has left a lasting impact and garnered widespread admiration from across the globe.

“Happily Ever After”

After Janella sang this song, the story truly came alive! Embracing her inner princess, she added another layer of style in celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary in 2015.

“I Can”

As the OST for her very own daytime series “Oh My G,” Janella’s rendition of “I Can” was heavenly. Who would’ve thought this could be a dance number!

“Be My Fairy Tale”

Janella doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to express “be my fairytale”; instead, through her voice, she effortlessly assumes the role of a storyteller, casting a spell that beckons us to believe in the magic of her musical journey in more ways than one. (The song’s our favorite!)

“Ganyan Talaga”

Eight years ago, Janella released her self-titled album, with “Ganyan Talaga” as the carrier single. Janellasters (her fans) were truly supportive during this pivotal moment, immersing themselves in the melodies of “Ganyan Talaga” and other tracks from the album. The music video? Refreshing and youthful!

In the teaser for “Under Parallel Skies,” it is mentioned that while good things may come to an end, new opportunities arise from those endings. But with this perspective, Janella’s star won’t ever fade, as her journey is far from over.



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